Easy sensory play

If you need a quick 5 minute kids' activity… turn on the tap! These games to play with water are the perfect sensory activity for toddlers. Plus, they'll keep preschoolers busy whether you're outside in the sunshine or stuck indoors on a rainy day.

10 games to play with water

  1. Collect fallen petals and sprinkle them into water. Then you’ve made fairy soup, perfect for making wishes.
  2. Turn the water into your own bubble mixture by adding 1 part washing up liquid to 3 parts water. You can make your own wands with wire coat hangers, too.
  3. Hand your child some socks or doll’s clothes to wash in a bowl of water. Then peg them out to dry.
  4. Challenge your child to paint with water – use a paintbrush and paint pictures and words on a fence or the ground.
  5. Transport water from one bowl to another, or from a bowl to a paddling pool, using different containers. Try a watering can, cup, sieve, jug and sandwich bag for different results.
  6. Hang water balloons from trees and squish them to make them pop!
  7. Fill spray bottles and spray toys, outdoor surfaces or (if it’s hot) each other!
  8. Challenge your kids to create a river by running curved tin foil along a patio, front path or other similar surface, then pouring in water. Make a dam by adding pebbles, and add white water (washing up liquid…) rapids!
  9. Make a unicorn potion from sparkling water, glitter and food colouring (food colouring doesn’t stain, by the way). It’s magic!
  10. Guess if the water from one container will fit in another, then pour to find out. Best of 5?