10 Peppa Pig games


Peppa Pig is celebrating 15 years with big screen adventure Festival of Fun. It features 10 exclusive episodes, plus, singing and dancing and jumping up and down in the aisles.

And the Peppa extravaganza doesn’t have to stop there. Entertain your kids at home with these 10 fun Peppa Pig games inspired by the episodes in the film.

 1) Puddle power: Celebrate the Muddy Puddle Walk song! Pop on some wellies and waterproofs, and splash about in real or imaginary puddles. Can your child find a small puddle to jump in? What about a big one?

2) Story time: Tell a story! Read a Peppa Pig story together, but only half. Then stop and ask your child what they think will happen next.

3) Festival of fun: Have a dance party! Pop on some music and dance around like you’re at a Peppa Pig festival.

4) Bake a cake: Pretend to make a birthday cake for someone special. Crack the eggs and stir the mixture. Then bake it and blow out the candles, just like Grandpa Pig!

5) Hero hunt: Be Super Potato! Hide some vegetables around the house, and have your child zoom around and try to find them. All together now: “By the power of vegetables, I am here!”

6) Film fun: Pretend to make a movie! What is your child’s film called? Where will they go to film, and who will star in their theatrical creation?

7) Nice to meet zoo: Pretend to be a chicken in the petting zoo that Peppa visits. Cluck and hop around, flapping your arms. Now peck for food!

8) Campsite chaos: Go glamping, just like Peppa! Set up a tent indoors using sheets and cushions. Now sit around the campfire and tell jokes!

9) Pizza performance: Collage a pizza! Cut out a large circle of paper and lots of toppings from different coloured card. Now your child can colour the base then stick on some tasty treats!

10) Speedy spotting: Play a bird spotting game, through the window or outdoors. How many birds can your child spot in ten minutes?

Want to do more? You can join Families and Nurseries Across the UK and take part in Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk for Save the Children between 13 and 19 May 2019. Sign up your family or child’s nursery here.

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