How to survive the clock change

We’re starting to think that clocks changing are a cruel trick played just for parents.

The thought of our kids waking up an hour earlier from next week is making us sweat. 5am is rude, but 4am is ruder than rude! Here’s how the 5 Minute Fun parents will be coping…

Fiona, mum to Able, 5, & Poppy, 3, is going for the crafty approach… “I’ve sneakily moved my lie-in day this week so my husband’s doing Sunday. Now it’s not my problem! Haha!” 

Sam, dad to Ben, 3 & Thom, 1, is just going for it: “Shift straight into the new time and brace yourself because it might take a few days to settle in.”

Natalie, mum to Alexa, 3, & Indie, 3 months: “I’ll keep them up a little later on Saturday in preparation. Strictly is on anyway!”

Caz, mum to Jonas, 4, & Finn, 18-months is all of us: “We usually do one night stringing them out a bit later, then grin and bear it from the next day.” 

Jo, mum to Lucas, 3: “When he wakes an hour early I just keep trying to tell myself that it’s not really that time!” 

It’s textbook from Siobhan, mum to Nina, 5, & Elen, 3:  “We move bedtime gradually over the week before and we’ve invested in black-out blinds.” 

Sophia, mum to Joseph, 6, and Jack, 4: “We get the eldest to make breakfast while we carry on sleeping!” ?

Susie, mum to Seren, 4, and Lucy, 3 is “Going on holiday!” 

Lisa, mum to Chloe, 3, and Charlie, 6 months: “I bring her in bed with me with some milk and her iPad, and I try and go back to sleep,” 

Martin, dad to Leon, 4, and Robin, 2, has realised there’s only one thing for it. “I realised the best thing you can do is go to bed early yourself. It makes everything so much easier to deal with!” 

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