100+ FUN and FREE kids’ activities

Forget flowers and chocolates* – we know “me time” is the best present you can give to a busy mum. Our Mother’s Day gift to you is over 100 FREE and EASY ideas to keep the kids busy so you can spend time doing the things you want to do. So, go on… read a book, have a bath, call a friend, or have an uninterrupted loo break. We’ll keep your kids busy with quiet crafts, mindful play, simple bakes, easy makes and more. Enjoy 5 minutes’ peace. Happy Mother’s Day!

*Scroll down for chocolate ideas, too!

25 Instant activities

We guarantee you’ll be able to do these fun activities straight away. All you need is your kids and maybe a sheet (to make a den) or a bowl of water (for our fun water play ideas). After 5 minutes’ prep, you’ll be able to sit down and do something for you. What will it be? A 5-minute manicure, catching up with celeb gossip or clearing all of your WhatsApp messages…

1-5 – Get their groove on

Nothing complicated here – just 5 ways to get kids up and dancing. And the added bonus is they’ll be nice and tired at bedtime.

6-10 – Keep them busy and your day, tantrum-free!

What do a shark game, measuring activity and drawing challenge have in common? They’re all instant ideas your child can have fun doing now!

11-15 – Make a splash

Fill a bowl with water and let your kids do the rest with these 5 fun water play ideas.

16-20 – Time to build a den! 

It’s an oldie but a goodie – building dens! And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these 5 quick dens for kids to build.

21-25 – Scribble the day away

You just need a pencil to start these drawing games.

10 unique gifts

If you’re looking for something to give for Mother’s Day then look no further. These easy homemade gifts have a personal touch and they’ll keep your kids occupied while you have some downtime.

26-30 – Made with love

A footprint butterfly, a homemade card and lovely bunch of flowers are among these Mother’s Day-inspired gifts.

 31-35 – Show they care

5 cute ways for kids to say I love you – that are perfect to give to Mum, Grandma or someone else special.

 25 Easy crafts

Crafts don’t have to be messy. These 5-minute ideas are a quick, stress-free way to get kids to be creative.

36-40 – Race you!

Put their collection of toy cars to good use with these racetrack crafts.

41-50 – From another planet

These space crafts are out of this world! And they’re super simple, too.

51-55 – Crafty cups

Have a cup of coffee and then give your kids the cup for these quick cute ideas.

56-60 – Happy days

These 5 happy crafts are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

61-65 – Creature craft

Give your kids these sloth crafts and then hang out and take it slow.

 20 Simple bakes

If your kids love to bake, give them these easy food makes that they can stir up themselves. Whether you choose after-school snacks to keep hunger at bay or nostalgic treats like your own mum used to make, these are a fuss-free way to keep kids busy while you have 5 minutes’ peace.

66-70 – Nostalgic treats

Peppermint creams, coconut ice and chewy Rice Krispie cakes – these are an easy way to recreate your own childhood. Just get your children to do the work.

71-75 – Summer snacks

These super simple ideas can all be made in the freezer.

76-80 – Fridge fantastic

Perfect for chocoholics – just raid the cupboards for chocolate to melt and stuff to stir into it. Then chill! 

81-85 – Easy after-school

Keep hunger at bay with these after-school snacks that kids can whip up themselves. They’re healthy, too! 

 20 Calm activities

Is your house a madhouse? These activities are designed to get children to chill out, calm down and be in the moment. Yes, OK, that would be a miracle. But they might just sit down and shush for 5 minutes and give you time to dream…

86-90 – Shortcut to slumber

Short on sleep? Give your children these activities that either wind them down for bedtime – or provide the perfect excuse for you to have a lie-down!

91-95 – Be in the moment 

Mindfulness for kids is easy when you know how. From simple calm colouring to an easy way to make a snow globe, these projects encourage kids to stop…

96-100 – A little peace and quiet for a while

Got a toddler and finding it hard to find time to do – er – anything? Try these simple parenting hacks that turn sponges into building blocks and more…

101-105 – Once upon a time

Finally, if it all gets too much, dive under a duvet. These 5 ideas can all be played lying down.

Happy Mother’s Day!