100+ Sizzling Summer Activities!

If the school holidays fill you with fear, don’t worry! These fun and simple 5-minute ideas will keep your children busy every day. It’s our way of giving your time back to you.

Cool Crafts

1-5 – These crafts scream summer

With a seagull, fancy ice cream, watermelon, beach and sunshine all to make from paper plates.

6-10 – We love the old-school nature of these tin foil crafts

Which include a washing up bottle rocket! Nice to see them making stuff we used to…

11-15 – Spread a little magic with these unicorn makes 

Which include some fabulous horns to wear!

16-20 – Remember to squirrel away useful packaging for art projects

This post has 5 clever ways with egg boxes. We love the little rock chicks!

21-25 – Need 5 minutes to hang out the washing? 

Sacrifice a few pegs so they can make these butterflies, crocs, peg people and more!

26-30 – Have a sparkly kind of day! 

Invest in a £1 bag of sequins and they can make all of these!


Painting Projects

31-35 – Paints all dried up?

These 5 homemade paint ideas use stuff you’re bound to have at home. Including hot chocolate – genius!

36-40 – We love these sponge print lollies! 

And there are plenty more printing ideas in this post.

41-45 – No brush, no problem!

Check out these clever ways to paint without using a paintbrush!

46-50 – High five hand painting! 

This post has simple and effective ways to print flowers, elephants, fish and more.

Out & About

51-55 – Festivalling with kids can be fun for the whole family 

These 5 activities will make yours go without a hitch. Also ideal for camping trips and weddings…

56-58 – Braving a train or plane?

Bank these on-the-go ideas to make the journey whizz by.

59-63 – Craving time in a beer garden? 

Whip out these pub games to keep kids busy (there’s not a pool table or dart board in sight!)

Hot Days

64-68 – You’ve huffed, puffed and filled up the paddling pool and now no-one’s playing in it…

These 5 water games will make sure they appreciate your efforts!

69-73 – A real treat – quick and easy milkshakes for long summer days. 

And we love the cheeky adult versions for when the kids are in bed.

74-78 – Nice ice baby! 

Check out these healthy ways to make ice creams and ice lollies. They’re perfect for kids to help with.

79-83 – Forget boring old sandcastles!

These 5 tricks with sand will make beach days a breeze.

Every day

84-88 – Enjoy a classic story together and then bring it to life!

With these 5 crafts inspired by The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

89-93 – Find your inner calm (and theirs!) 

5 mindful ideas for chilled happy kids.

94-98 – If it rains (in British summertime, surely not?)…

Try a project like making homemade salt dough. This post has the recipe and 5 things to make with it.

Holiday Projects

99-103 – Summer is the perfect time to try something new – like papier-mâché! 

This post has an easy recipe plus 5 simple things to make.

104-108 – Mix up your own play dough using store cupboard ingredients.

And then challenge your kids to make some amazing sculptures!

109-113 – Turn a boring biccie into something fabulous!

From Lego bricks to monsters, this post has some amazingly simple ideas.