100+ Sizzling Summer Activities!

Written by Sara Conway

Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Err, unless you have kids, that is.

If the school holidays fill you with fear, don’t worry! These cheap, fun 5-minute ideas will keep your children busy every day. It’s our way of giving your time back to you. Please save, like, share – and spread the summer holiday love. We can do this!

Cool Crafts

1-5 – These crafts scream summer

With a seagull, fancy ice cream, watermelon, beach and sunshine all to make from paper plates.

6-10 – We love the old-school nature of these tin foil crafts

Which include a washing up bottle rocket! Nice to see them making stuff we used to…

11-15 – Spread a little magic with these unicorn makes 

Which include some fabulous horns to wear!

16-20 – Remember to squirrel away useful packaging for art projects

This post has 5 clever ways with egg boxes. We love the little rock chicks!

21-25 – Need 5 minutes to hang out the washing? 

Sacrifice a few pegs so they can make these butterflies, crocs, peg people and more!

26-30 – Have a sparkly kind of day! 

Invest in a £1 bag of sequins and they can make all of these!


Painting Projects

31-35 – Paints all dried up?

These 5 homemade paint ideas use stuff you’re bound to have at home. Including hot chocolate – genius!

36-40 – We love these sponge print lollies! 

And there are plenty more printing ideas in this post.

41-45 – No brush, no problem!

Check out these clever ways to paint without using a paintbrush!

46-50 – High five hand painting! 

This post has simple and effective ways to print flowers, elephants, fish and more.

Out & About

51-55 – Festivalling with kids can be fun for the whole family 

These 5 activities will make yours go without a hitch. Also ideal for camping trips and weddings…

56-58 – Braving a train or plane?

Bank these on-the-go ideas to make the journey whizz by.

59-63 – Craving time in a beer garden? 

Whip out these pub games to keep kids busy (there’s not a pool table or dart board in sight!)

Hot Days

64-68 – You’ve huffed, puffed and filled up the paddling pool and now no-one’s playing in it…

These 5 water games will make sure they appreciate your efforts!

69-73 – A real treat – quick and easy milkshakes for long summer days. 

And we love the cheeky adult versions for when the kids are in bed.

74-78 – Nice ice baby! 

Check out these healthy ways to make ice creams and ice lollies. They’re perfect for kids to help with.

79-83 – Forget boring old sandcastles!

These 5 tricks with sand will make beach days a breeze.

Every day

84-88 – Enjoy a classic story together and then bring it to life!

With these 5 crafts inspired by The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

89-93 – Find your inner calm (and theirs!) 

5 mindful ideas for chilled happy kids.

94-98 – If it rains (in British summertime, surely not?)…

Try a project like making homemade salt dough. This post has the recipe and 5 things to make with it.

Holiday Projects

99-103 – Summer is the perfect time to try something new – like papier-mâché! 

This post has an easy recipe plus 5 simple things to make.

104-108 – Mix up your own play dough using store cupboard ingredients.

And then challenge your kids to make some amazing sculptures!

109-113 – Turn a boring biccie into something fabulous!

From Lego bricks to monsters, this post has some amazingly simple ideas.