13 ways you’re celebrating your kids’ birthdays in lockdown

Inspiration and ideas

Bouncy castles, virtual parties, face paints and DIY hair dye - these are the creative ways you're celebrating your kids' birthdays in isolation.
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 3+

1. DIY rainbow hair dye - using tissue paper

Cassie tried an Internet hair hack to die her daughter’s hair for her birthday. 

She says, “This is what I did. Boiling water in bowls, add the tissue paper – make sure it’s tissue paper that will run (some say on the packet the colour won’t run). Add a little salt and leave to stand for 5 mins. Remove and squeeze tissue paper out – wear gloves as it stains hands – and then add hair. Leave for 30 mins and tada! Strong colours work best.

I’m well impressed, turned out amazing and I have one very happy little girl.”

  1. Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

2. Coronavirus birthday cake

Lora’s smallest turned 5 and asked for a Coronavirus cake. The creative result has received over 13,000 likes on Facebook and Lora says she is wowed by the response. The cake also spawned some mini Coronavirus cupcakes. 

Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

3. Bouncy castle for one

We all know the worst part about bouncy castles is waiting for other people to have their turn – or getting bounced on by someone bigger than you. So what better isolation treat than an inflatable you can have all to yourself?

4. Bowling Alley at home

Tiffany’s son was supposed to be bowling for his birthday, and she wasn’t going to let isolation stop him scoring a strike. She used a bowling set from Asda, masking tape and Christmas lights.  

Photos: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

5. Everybody needs good neighbours

Your family are ok, but it’s nice to get a bit of extra attention from other people on your birthday. So, Liana put up this sign saying:
“If you’re passing on essential travel, toot your horn to help him smile.”

And Beki’s neighbours put up happy birthday signs for her to see when she left the house for her daily exercise. 

Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

6. Family fancy dress

Anna wanted her birthday boy to have a day he’d remember forever and would stop at nothing to put a smile on his face. So she created Power Ranger fancy dress for the whole family using delivery boxes and paper mâché. “It was difficult but worth it,” she says. Then adds, “I think it’s the only occasion I will get my husband to wear leggings!”

Photos: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

7. Tea Party

Most kids (and parents) will agree that the best bit about birthdays is cake. So Rebekah made – well, loads of them. And created a tea party with a Mad Hatter’s theme.

Photos: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

8. Coronavirus piñata

We’d all like to kick this virus’s butt. Failing that, you can do what Louise did for her kids’ birthdays and make a Coronavirus-themed piñata out of papier mâché. Then you can legitimately whack it with sticks and all it will give you is sweets.

Photos: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook

9. Virtual happy birthday songs

Now our social lives have moved online, it has to happen – the family gathering complete with singing Happy Birthday. When the kids inevitably run off to do something else, and the grown-ups end up singing to each other instead. 

10. Virtual entertainers

Pre-lockdown, most weekends were spent in church halls sipping warm squash and watching magicians and princesses entertain a room of 20+ enraptured children. Now, those entertainers are online hosting virtual parties for birthday boys or girls and friends can dial in, too. Katherine chose Gilbert Giggles – a repeat booking after her son talked about him non-stop for a year. Meanwhile, Emma’s daughter turned 5 with Rapunzel. 

Photos: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas Group / Facebook /
Gilbert Giggles

11. Facepaints

When Sara asked her 4yo what she wanted to do on her birthday, she said facepainting. Inevitably, the whole family ended up with some pretty unique designs… 

12. Isolation Spa day

Lisa arranged a pampering evening for her 6yo with manicures, pedicures and Free Willy. 

13. Covid-Fest

Glastonbury’s 50th birthday may be cancelled this year, but Lee-Ann brought Covid-Fest to her back garden for her son’s 14th birthday, complete with music, inflatables and a disco ball that lit up after dark.

Or if it all feels a bit much, hide in a box until 2021. As all kids know, they’re the most exciting part of presents anyway.