15 calm indoor kids activities

And relax...

Do you just need to sit down? These zero-prep activities are perfect for creating quiet time. From drawing to yoga, even the most active kids will find a calming activity here to enjoy - so you can put the kettle on.

Ideas for when chasing people, space hopper races, building dens and playing catch all gets a bit much!

5 Easy drawing activities

  1. Challenge your child to draw a family portrait.
  2.  This drawing video tutorial shows how to draw the perfect unicorn. 
  3. Remember consequences? You each draw a head, fold the page, draw a body, fold the page, and so on… reveal your funny pictures at the end. 
  4. Draw a squiggle and see if your child can turn it into an object, an animal or a person. And then get them to do the same for you.
  5. Can your child draw an alien and an awesome planet for it to live on?

4 simple yoga moves

Can your child copy these poses and hold each one while they count to 30 (slowly)?

5 games to play

  1. Raspberry or kiss? They guess and then you either plant a kiss or blow a raspberry on their arm. 
  2. I Spy – it’s a classic, but this game helps children learn colours, shapes or phonics sounds while sitting down.
  3. Window bingo. Make a grid with words or (simple) pictures of things they can look for out of the window. Can they spot them all? Ideas: tree, red car, blue front door, bird, cat…
  4.  Memory game – lay out objects on the table and then cover them with a tea towel. Can your child remember what was there?
  5. Three in a row – draw a grid and add noughts and crosses (or stars and flowers). The winner is the first to complete a row of three.

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