24 days of festive fun

Keep kids entertained in the lead-up to Christmas with these easy activities

Written by Megan Reece

On the first day of Christmas, 5 Minute Fun gave to me, 24 festive ideas to keep my kids busy! From cracking crafts to delicious treats, easy games and more – there’s something for every little one, so you will get 5 minutes’ peace (the ultimate Christmas gift).

1) Leaf them to it: make some cute leafy reindeer decorations to hang up around the house

2) Jingle all the way! Sleigh Christmas with these homemade gifts

3) Festive games on the go: a Christmas miracle-worker!

Ask your child to act out Christmas moves e.g. ‘prance like a reindeer;’ ‘freeze like a snowman;’ and ‘pop like a cracker!’ when you’re out shopping. They have to do the action every time you spot those Christmas items.

4) Sparkle snowflake: bring a bit of sparkle with this simple lolly stick snowflake make

5) Fingerprint snowman card: send these fun fingerprint cards to your loved ones this Christmas

6) Tree-at yo’elf! Easy Christmas tree biscuits your little one will love

7) Snowman race: who can draw a snowman in the quickest time?

Take turns to roll a dice. Draw the part of the snowman your dice number relates to e.g. 1 = 1 carrot nose; 3 = 3 buttons etc. and race your little one to see who can draw a full snowman the quickest!

8) Pompom it up: a different kind of decoration for the tree

9) A card for Dasher, Dancer and the whole gang: easy fingerprint reindeer card 

10) Frosty the loo roll: make a snowy friend using a leftover loo roll!

11) Let it snow! Bring a bit of Frozen magic with this snowglobe make

12) Sweet snowman biscuits: easy biscuits that will melt your hearts!

13) Eggcup penguin: a perfect penguin pal to keep kids occupied

14) A sweet gift: a candy cane reindeer for the finishing touch

15) Christmas dinner: let your little one do the cooking…

Write out a mini Christmas menu with all the trimmings. Ask your little one to create the food items with some play clay – yum!

 16) Tasty tree-ats: turn ordinary cupcakes into sweet Christmas trees!

17) Rudolph the red nose pine cone: another one for the tree with this quick craft!

18) Paper cup snowmen: put old paper cups to good use and make something cute 

19) Twas the night before Christmas: gift a cosy surprise with a Christmas Eve box!

20) Rockin’ around the Christmas tree: simple paper trees to keep them busy

21) Mix and match: a fun and easy game!

22) Pin the nose on Rudolph: a classic game with a Christmas twist – try this make!

23) Reindeer fuel: a snack for the reindeer when they prance by

You’ll need: granola, dried fruits, sweets or choc chips (optional)

What you do:

Mix all of the above in a bowl – done! Spoon some into a bag or bowl to leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

24) Snack plate for Father Christmas: make sure everything’s in place ready for the big man – make a paper snack plate

Now all that’s left to say is… Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night’s SLEEP!

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