Today, we’re rewinding to the 80s and the 70s for some retro ideas. What did you like playing when you were a child?

1. Guess Who? Remember the board game with bald ginger Bill, sad George and Claire of the bonnet and big glasses? Take turns with your little one to choose someone you both know and give each other clues so you can guess who it is. Ask questions about hair colour, facial hair and accessories, as well as what they like to do, eat and wear.

2. Hopscotch We spent many happy hours hopping and scotching in the playground. Chalk up your own outside your house. You can add maths challenges. Ask little children to hop once on 1, twice on 2 and so on. Ask older children to hop on odd numbers only.

3. Watch with Mother My mum had a VHS of shows she used to like when she was young. It had the original black and white versions of Andy Pandy, The Woodentops and the Flower Pot Men. Show your child shows from your childhood and from their grandparents. You can fin clips on YouTube. Do you remember Rainbow, SuperTed and Button Moon?

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