These 5 minute ideas are all inspired by our fave kids’ TV programmes. And they’ll make sure we don’t get cabin fever when the weather conspires to keep us indoors.

1 Swashbuckle Challenge We’re turning our front room into a Swashbuckle assault course. (We’ve even got gems to win from the front of Swashbuckle magazine.) First they’re crossing the pond (carpet) on stepping stones (cushions) without the pesky pirates (us) knocking them off with cannon balls (rolled-up kitchen foil).

2 Check into the Furchester Hotel We’re checking in and they’re welcoming us with furry arms. They’re showing us to our room, carrying our bags, bringing us room service. Anything to help us relax…

3 Peppa Pig splashing “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” said someone wise with no fashion sense. But if they’ve got an anorak/wellies/waterproof trousers, bundle them up and let them splash outside in the style of Peppa Pig. (Remember: Peppa’s mum always stays safely warm and dry indoors…)

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