3 rhyming games

We’ll let you into a secret; all nursery rhymes sound better if you speak them like a (really, really bad) rapper.

Little Bo Peep, yo! She lost her sheep. Doesn’t know where to find them… See? Totally dope. Here are five more ideas to make rhyming fun…

Nonsense rhyming: You say a word (e.g. dig) and they change the first letter to make one that rhymes with it (e.g. jig). It doesn’t matter if they’re real words or not (mig, zig), but they have to make up a silly action to go with their new word.

Animal drawing challenge: In this game you say an object and they have to draw what (rhyming) animal is sitting on it. This great book Oi Frog! is full of examples.

For instance:

You say log, they draw a frog (or dog).
You say mat, they draw a cat.
You say jug, they draw a slug!

P.S. Check out this alternative, slightly more adult-orientated rhyming game on Twitter…

Memory game: Make a rhyming memory game. Just like Memory, you turn over cards to see if you can find a matching pair. But instead of it being two pictures that are the same, it’s two words that rhyme (e.g. frog and log). You can make this by asking your child to draw pictures onto squares of card or paper, and then write the words under them.