Many parenting lows have been reached with our heads down the loo and our small people needing non-stop attention. One of the 5 Minute Mums remembers sitting on the loo breastfeeding in between vomit sessions. Bleugh. We hope you all stay healthy. But do try one of these ideas next time you’re at death’s door.

1. Play doctors. Put their teddy in bed with you and let them tend to you both. They can stick on plasters, check your heart rates and tell you both a nice story.

2. Sticker play Keep stickers close by so they can decorate stuff — the tissue box, remote controls, your make-up bag. Anything you can reach with your eyes closed.

3. Get-well card Get them to fill five minutes using crayons and stickers to make you a get-well card. Try not to sob when they write you a sweet message and draw you looing like Shrek on a bad day.

4. CBeebies to the rescue We definitely rely heavily on TV when we’re ill and a quick dose of Dr Ranj makes everyone feel better! Also this song might help the kids understand why Mummy or Daddy needs to lie down today.

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Article written by Sara Conway