Our kids are obsessed with Hatchimals, and we can (almost) see why.

We share their excitement when they’re going through the ritual of hatching their new purchase. (No idea what we’re talking about? Check them out here.) BUT we are getting a bit sick of picking up little plastic toys from every available surface. These ideas will keep the kids busy – and move the Hatchimals into one container.

1 Make a colourful nest for all of your kid’s hatched Hatchimals to live in together. Take a plastic bowl and fill it with tissue paper. Simple!

2 Make a secret shoebox garden. Cover the inside with green paper and add shredded tissue paper leaves, colourful scrunched-up tissue paper flowers and pebbles (if you have them). Then nestle your Hatchimals into their garden. You can decorate the outside of the box, too.

3 Make a Hatchimal showcase… Collect enough cardboard tubes to house each Hatchimal, and find a box big enough to fit all the tubes (maybe bigger, in case your collection grows!)

Dip the end of each tube in PVA glue and put them in the box like this. Once they’re secure, paint, glitter or use stickers to decorate. When that dries, pop your Hatchimals inside each tube.

4 Throw a Hatchimals pool party! Add water to a bowl (a washing-up bowl works well) and add little plastic bowls for your Hatchimals to float in. Got a small toy slide? Plastic food? Add that too!

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Article written by Sara Conway