4 ways to build your child’s confidence


At 5 Minute Fun, we talk a lot about confidence.

That’s because, from babyhood and through their toddler years, children are just starting to make sense of their world. And while they’re learning about new things, new places and meeting lots of new people, they’re developing both socially and emotionally.

But out there in the big, wide world, things will happen that will make them feel shy, a bit nervous or just not sure. Here are a few of our tried and tested ways to support them through these times, and to help them build up that all important confidence.

DO let your child have a go! If they show an interest in something, let them do it (within reason, of course!).

DO meet new friends:¬†your toddler is moving on from the ‘I like to play on my own’ phase and is learning how to make friends – and finding out what that means. Chat to them about the friends they have to help them make sense of the world of friends and relationships.

DON’T forget, children show confidence in lots of different ways. One child will be confident drawing, colouring and writing, while others will prefer making and building. Some love dressing up and imagining, and some love asking lots and lots (and lots…) of questions. Encourage them to do the things they really enjoy. If they are into art, for example, make sure they have lots of crafty things at home to use and to be creative.

DO remember that children are pretty confident people. It’s important to make their discovery of the world as positive as possible. Set them a great example! If you’re confident, this will help your child to feel confident going into a new situation. Children need to know that It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to take time to work something out. It’s even okay to feel sad sometimes. They learn from you how to get up, carry on and enjoy their lives.