5, 4, 3, 2, 1… New Years Eve crafts!

It’s those weird days of limbo between Christmas and New Year and you’re feeling totally ready to party! Right? RIGHT?

No, us neither.

We just want to curl up in our fluffy socks and go to bed at 9 O’ Clock while the rest of the neighbourhood rings the New Year in.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. But before that, we’re going to give our kids these New Year’s Eve Crafts so we can a) Feel like we’ve given them a magical end to 2018 and b) Curl up in our fluffy socks while they get busy crafting.

1) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! Kids can make their own countdown clock!

What you’ll need: Paper plate, card, pens, scissors, decorations

What you do:

1. Cut 2 parallel slits in the centre of the paper plate.
2. Cut a strip of card and write the numbers 1 to 10 on it.
3. Feed the strip through slits in the plate so the numbers are shown one at a time.

Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

2) Wishing wand: Kids wave their wand and make a wish!

What you’ll need: Card, scissors, tape, sequins, paper straws

What you do:

1. Cut a star shape out of card and decorate with anything you want (we love sequins!)
2. Use a few straws or a pencil for the wand handle. Tape your star to it.

3) Noisy New Year: Add to the party vibes with a seasonal shaker. Shakey Shakey!

What you’ll need: Toilet roll tube, coloured card or paint, dried rice, glue

What you do:

1. Decorate the tube with coloured card or paints.
2. Stick a circle of card on one end of the tube and add some rice.
3. Stick another circle on the other end to seal it then start shaking!

4) Magic fireworks: The safest way to enjoy fireworks. Boom!

What you’ll need: White paper, colourful crayons, black paint, a paintbrush

What you do:

1. Ask your child to draw exploding fireworks on white paper with dashes, squiggles, zigzags and swirls. Use lots of different colours.
2. Now they paint over the top of the whole page with black paint. The wax from the crayon will resist the paint so the fireworks are still visible.

5) What do you wish for? Get your little ones drawing to make their dreams come to life.

What you’ll need: Paper, pens, decorations and imagination!

What you do:

1. Super simple, this one. Tell your child to think of something they wish for in the New Year.
2. Now they draw it on a piece of paper. And add loads of sparkles and decoration.

We hope you have a Happy New Year – and remember! 5 Minute Fun will be here to keep your kids busy throughout 2019.