5 active phonic games

Let’s face it: teaching your kids phonics can be, well, a bit dull. It gives you a whole new respect for teachers who have to control a class of 30 kids AND teach them stuff too! And – spoiler alert – learning phonics can be a bit boring for your child, too.

So why not try these ideas that will a) get them active b) have some fun and c) learn too!

1) I spy: a box of phonic fun!

What you’ll need: an empty box, toys or household objects with CVC names e.g. cat, dog, pot

(We’ve used simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words for these activities, such as ‘cat’, ‘dog’ etc as these are the first words your child will learn at school).

What to do:

1. Put the objects in a box, and take turns to choose a specific one in your head.
2. Say ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with…’ and the first letter of your object.
3. Can you each guess what the other one has spied?

2) Finish the word: outdoor phonic fun that will get your running about!

What you’ll need: outdoor space, chalk

What to do:

1. In two columns, write simple CVC words on the floor – the first letter of the words in one column, and the remainder of the words jumbled up in the other.
2. Shout out a word. Can your child run from the first letter to the rest of the word?

3) Letter islands: a super silly jumping letters game!

What you’ll need: cushions, paper, pen

What to do:

1. Scatter cushions on the floor around a room. These are your islands!
2. One separate pieces of paper, write big, individual letters e.g. s, a, t, p. Pop a letter on each cushion.
3. Shout out words beginning with the letters (e.g. pig), and see if your little one can run to the ‘island’ with that letter!

4) Acting letter sounds: a fun phonics game!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. Get your little one to try acting out the different letter sounds! Can they ssslither like sssnake? Or p-p-pop a bubble? Or b-b-bounce like a b-b-ball?

5) Out and about: a simple walk to take in everything you see!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. It’s super simple – go for a walk with your little one.
2. What can they spot? A car? A postbox? A dog?
3. Ask them to think about the sound of the beginning of the word. Can they work out which letter it is?

So hopefully there are a few ideas above to help make phonics f-f-fun!