5 activities for animal lovers

Check out these quick and easy pet ideas!

Children adore animals. Whether it’s watching them, playing with them or learning about their different behaviours.

I like animals, too – from afar. Before I had kids, I thought dogs were 100% better than ALL humans. But pets need looking after. They need to be fed, watered and cleaned just as regularly as toddlers. So, with that in mind, there is absolutely no way I’m prepared to have an animal in our house.

For now, my kids will have to put up with a cardboard rabbit and dog headbands to entertain them. Until the time comes to welcome another addition into the family.

1) What’s new, pussycat? Kids can make a cat from a paper plate.

What you’ll need: paper plate, paint, coloured card, 3 pieces of white string, black felt tip, scissors, glue

  1. Help your child to trim the plate, like this, to make a cat’s body, tail, ears and feet.
  1. Now they can paint everything a good cat colour. Once dry, stick the pieces together.

3. Finally, they add the face. They cut out a round nose, tape the string to the back to make whiskers and glue it on. Draw, cut out and stick on eyes. Add draw a smile.

CCredit: Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

 2) Pet parlour! Make fun with your kids’ plastic toys.

What you’ll need: plastic tub, soapy water, towels, sponges, toothbrush etc.

What to do:

1. Fill the plastic tub with clean water, bubble bath and some cleaning supplies.
2. Ask your little one to find some small pet toys such as dogs and cats, then ask them to bathe and clean their animals!

3) Hoppy rabbit! Get kids to jump to this 5-minute make!

What you’ll need: cardboard tube, white tissue paper, pink card, colouring pencils

What to do:

1. Help your little one cover a cardboard tube with white tissue paper.
2. Together, cut out a tummy, ears and paws from the pink card, and stick to the tube.
3. Get your child to scrunch some tissue paper to make a tail and stick on.
4. Finally see if your child can draw a little face on their rabbit!

Credit: Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

4) Who let the dogs out? Your child can dress up as a dog and do fun tricks (like fetching your newspaper!)

What you’ll need: headband, thin card, felt tip pens, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Draw some dog ears, leaving a tab at the bottom, then asking your little one to cut them out with safety scissors.
2. Next, leave your little one to decorate the dog ears with any pattern they like.
3. Finally wrap the tabs at the bottom of each dog ear around each end of the headband and stick!

Credit: Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

5) Froggy fun: Save a jam jar lid for this easy idea.

What you’ll need: large lid (e.g. from a jar), green paint, blue paper, black marker pen, white paper, thin green card

What to do:

1. Ask your little one to paint the jar lid green.
2. While that dries, they can draw a frog’s eyes and mouth on the white paper, then cut them out ready for your child to stick on.
3. Finally, they draw some frog legs on the green card and cut them out.
4. Ask your child to stick on the frog’s face then stick the legs under the jar lid. Place the frog on the blue card.

To max out this activity, your little one can decorate the blue card with some pond creatures, too.

 Credit: Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

There we go…. the perfect pets. Zero maintenance, and they’ll keep your kids busy for at least 5 minutes!

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