5 activities inspired by The Lion King, from dress up to biscuits

These 5 roar-some ideas inspired by the new ­Lion King movie are fast, free and perfect for kids aged 3-plus to do by themselves – giving you time to relax. As Timone and Pumba might say – Hakuna Matata!

1) Pawfect cookies: let kids decorate their snacks (before giving you the lion’s share!)

What you’ll need: Rich Tea biscuits, icing pens

What to do:

  1. Let your kids draw pawprints on the biscuits.
  2. Leave them to dry (if they can).
  3. Eat them!

2) King for the day: a Simba headband for your little cub to play with

What you’ll need: Scissors, a pencil, sticky tape, different coloured card – brown, orange and yellow

What to do:

  1. Measure and cut a band of card to fit around your child’s head.
  2. Help them to draw ears on the card. Then they can snip them out.
  3. Next, they can tape the ears to the headband and pretend to be Simba. They can growl, pounce and laugh in the face of danger (but no licking, please).

3) Strength of a lioness! Make a cute Nala mask to play with.

What you’ll need: yellow card, white paper, brown paper, felt tips, sticky tape

What to do:

  1. Help your child to draw and cut out a lion face shape from the yellow card.
  2. Hold the card up to their face and use a pencil to make marks where their eyes are. Then, cut out eye holes.
  3. Now, kids can add features by cutting shapes from the white and brown papers and sticking them on – or they could draw them on with felt tips.
  4. They can use a felt tip to draw details around the eyes and cheeks.
  5. Finally, tape pipe cleaners to the back so they can wear the mask.

 4) Circle of Life: a fun drawing game

What you’ll need: paper and a pencil

What to do:

  1. Draw a few circles and see if your child can turn them into pictures of animals. Can they make one into a lion? How about a monkey? Or a meerkat and a warthog?

 5) Sleeping lions: a giggly game that involves lying down… YES!

What you’ll need: nothing

What to do:

  1. Tell your kids to lie down and pretend to be asleep. You’re going to try and make them laugh, but they mustn’t move a muscle – not even to smile.
  2. Ignore the temptation to sneak off and have a nap.
  3. Try to wake them up – tickle their face, whisper their name or blow a raspberry.
  4. When they laugh, it’s your turn to lie down.

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