5 alien activities for kids

You know the drill. It’s a stuck at home day and your kids are driving you loopy, demanding some form of entertainment. You’ve got two options. Hope an alien spaceship lands in the street and beams them (or you) up to another galaxy. Or… you can give them these easy 5-minute alien crafts for kids aged 2-6. They all use simple craft supplies, from googly eyes to play clay. And they’ll keep even the fussiest kids happy.

1) Take me to your party: create an easy paper plate mask – it’s the perfect DIY fancy dress

You’ll need: paper plate, paint, scissors, 5 pipe cleaners, coloured card, googly eyes, tape

  1. Help your child to make two holes in the plate that they can see out of. Position them around the middle of the plate. These will be the alien’s nostrils.
  2. Give your child the plate and paint so they can make it a great alien colour. They can choose the colour.
  3. While that dries, your child can choose some pipe cleaners to make antennae. Snip three circles from the coloured card and stick one on each pipe cleaner. Then stick an eye on each piece of card.
  4. Next, they tape the antennae to the top of the plate.
  5. Finally, help them to tape two more pipe cleaners to each side of the mask and use these to secure it around your child’s head.

2) Squish me alien: googly-eyed sensory play using modelling clay

You’ll need: play clay and googly eyes

Challenge your child to create wacky aliens out of play clay and googly eyes. Any colour and shape works. Just let them have fun!

3) I come in pieces: even toddlers can put together this zany alien

You’ll need: coloured paper, googly eyes, plus pipe cleaners and pom poms (optional)

  1. First ask your child to draw and cut out a wobbly alien shape.
  2. Now they fill it with googly eyes! Toddlers love this part.
  3. Now your child adds antennae (if you don’t have pipe cleaners or pom poms they can miss out this part.
  4. Finally draw a goofy smile.

4) Handy alien: kids will love drawing around their hand to make an alien picture

Simply ask your child to draw around their hand and turn the shape into an alien. They can add googly eyes or just draw a face. Then repeat…

5) Strictly alien dancing: a quick fun activity to burn off energy at home!

Can your little one dance in the style of an alien? Maybe they’re light and floaty and spinning among the stars. Next, they could be big and stompy. Or wibbly and crazy. Score each dance in the style of Craig Revel Horwood. “Fabulous dahling, but it needs some work. Go away and practise for 5 minutes…”

giving you 5 minutes to yourself, bliss!

Hopefully those antsy kids are now putty in your hands. But if they’re still claiming to be bored, tell them they’re on UFO watch. They just need to stare out of the window until dinner. And they’d better not leave their post, because they might miss an alien landing…