5 arr-mazing pirate crafts for kids!

These crowd-pleasing ideas take 5 minutes and will keep kids aged 2-6 happy all day. What are you waiting for, me hearties? Let’s go!

1) Pirate hat: a quick way to turn kids into pirates

You’ll need: black paper, sticky tape, white pencil crayon or paint, scissors

1) Help your child draw the shape of a pirate’s hat on black paper.

3) Now they draw or paint on a skull and crossbones.

4) Cut a strip of black paper and tape to the size of their head.

5) Help them tape the hat to the strip so they can wear it.


2) Pirate patch: add to their outfit with an eye patch, ahoy!

You’ll need: black paper, scissors, tape

1. Measure a strip of paper that’s long enough to fit around your child’s head.
2. Fold the strip in half and help your child to cut a semi-circle, stopping halfway up the strip. This is the part that will cover one eye.
3.Now cut along the strip to make it thinner.
4. Finally, tape it so it fits your child’s head.

Now send them on a pirate adventure!

3) Treasure map: transform your home into a treasure island

1. Ask your child to draw a picture of your living space or garden. They add the things they can see – sofa and television or shed and slide. Add a few obstacles like cushions or tennis racquets on the ground.
2. Now they pirate their map up – add sharks surrounding the sofa! Turn the shed into a pirate’s lair, shhh!
3. Now you hide some treasure (coins, gems) and take their map and mark an X where you’ve left the treasure. Draw a route around the map for them to follow.
4. Then off they go on their pirate adventure to find the treasure.

TIP! You can keep hiding the treasure and adding new Xs to the map. Try swapping so your child hides the treasure and marks the spot.

4) Treasure chest: The perfect vessel for storing their pirate loot

 You’ll need: an egg box, paint, paper, jewels

1. Your kids paint their egg box. We used contrasting colours for the top and bottom.
2. Now they decorate the box. We added strips of paper and gems.
3. That’s it! What will they keep inside?

 5) Time to walk the plank: No pirate adventure is complete without it!

Here’s one more simple idea that doesn’t require any craft materials. Ask your child to take a big step, and a little one. A big step, and a little one. Then make a BIG splash DOWN into the sea. Beware of the sharks!