5 birthday gifts for kids that parents will LOVE!

Images and words: Sara Conway

Whether you’re buying for family, friends or classmates here’s the perfect gift guide, from tots to school-aged children

Are you feeling like there’s a birthday happening every day at the moment? I know I am. Stats show September is the most popular birthday month by far – the experts aren’t sure why, but the Festive season that happened 9 months ago might have something to do with it (duh!) What that means right now is ferrying my daughter around soft play centres every weekend, nibbling party sausages and trying to figure out what presents to buy.

Ideally, I want to spend my pennies on things parents will appreciate as much as their kids, so they don’t end up pushed in the back of a cupboard/the charity shop. (The presents, not the kids). But that’s tricky to do when I’m trying to stick to a budget that doesn’t leave me completely skint! Plus, I don’t want to pick up the same present that everyone else just bought in the supermarket. So 5 Minute Fun challenged me to browse their shop and find my top 5 gifts…

Whether you’re giving to your own kids, a godchild, niece, nephew or classmate, this list has the perfect present to suit every budget. And they’re all available to buy from the 5 Minute Fun Shop. Leaving us time to enjoy at least some of our weekend – before we’re back to sipping warm squash in a church hall with a human-sized Peppa Pig, of course.

 1) COOL CRAFT: Everything kids need for an arty day…

Age match: 3-6

5 Minute Art Sets, £4.99

Mums and dads love receiving craft sets because they can give them to their kids to keep them busy. These 5 Minute Fun kits are the cheapest (£4.99) and they are jam-packed with craft supplies. I love the fact the instructions have pictures – it means kids can get stuck in with only a little bit of help.

2) ACTIVITY CARDS: The gift that keeps on giving

Age match: 2-6

5 Minute Fun Cards, £2.99 

These activity cards are the perfect gift for mum or dad to squirrel away and pull out whenever their kids need entertainment. Every activity is simple and easy to complete – from asking little ones to spot birds to escaping from sharks: a sure fire way to beat boredom before the tantrums strike!

3) A GOOD BOOK: A relaxing treat for mums and dads!

Age match: 1-3

Listen to the Countryside Sound Book, £6.99 

So much toddler stuff is ramped up with loud noises and irritating songs, which is why I LOVE these books with realistic sounds from the countryside. A babbling brook and birdsong are the perfect way to cleanse the soul after a noisy day. And because the sound buttons are on the pages, they’re not too bulky to carry around.

4) FUN TOY: Something a little bit different…

Age match: 2-5

Sockettes Puppet, £15.99 

These colourful puppets are great for encouraging tots to chat and giggle. I love the vibrant colour of their soft knitted bodies – and with his kooky glasses, Dylan is def my fave! Kids can make him sing their favourite song, play peek-a-boo or put on a puppet show – a gift that will grow with them as their imaginations develop.

 5) FUN & GAMES: Family fun for rainy days

Age match: 2-6

Orchard Games – Llamas in Pyjamas, £4.99

As my daughter is getting older, I’m seeing the value in a game we can play when we’re trapped indoors so I think I’d really appreciate being given this by another parent. It’s funny but wholesome. The box says 3-plus but I know my 2-year-old would enjoy the matching part of the game too. Plus, I think gifts they can grow into are always good.

So that’s my top 5 but there was so much to choose from on the site – I’d really recommend having a look. Enjoy the party season – this one, and the Xmas one of course, ha ha! Maybe there’ll be lots more birthdays come next September. (Although I think a pair of PJs and a Baileys is about all the excitement I desire J)