5 fun ideas using straws

1 Brilliant bracelets: this quick idea entertains kids of all ages.

Just snip a bunch of straws into smaller pieces to make beads, and then give them to your kids with string or pipe cleaners so they can fashion their own jewellery. We keep ours in a tub to be whipped out any time.  As you can see from the picture, our 2, 3 and 5-year-olds love this!

2 Silly straws: these are so simple to make.

Just give your kids paper and glue to create moustaches and mouths. Then they attach them to the straws with a bit of sticky tape. 5 minutes of fun now – and more hilarity when you sit down to dinner later.

3 Blow Rocket: blow rockets are as simple as 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Your child draws a rocket and snips it out. We cut ours from coloured paper and added tin foil details. Then you tape a piece of paper on the back (only tape 3 sides) to create a pocket to slip a straw inside from underneath. They pop in the straw and then blow!

4 Blowpaint monsters: these friendly monsters are made by blowing paint with a straw.

You’ll need: paint mixed with a drop of water so it’s a bit runnier, a straw or two, paper, googly eyes

Your child blobs some paint onto the paper and then blows through the straw to spread it about a bit. (Don’t let younger toddlers do this as they’ll suck the paint!) Once they’ve got a good hairy scary shape, they wait for it to dry. Then draw on arms and legs and add googly eyes. Watch the video here.

5 Straw sculptures: remember the beads you created for idea 1? The kids can use these with pipe cleaners to build things – like flowers, people or butterflies!