5 busy transport crafts

1 Big red bus: ding ding! Paper at the ready for this easy make.

You’ll need: red paper, black paper, scissors, glue and stickers (for the passengers) – we used these

1. First your child cuts a big curved square from the red paper.
2. Then they cut square windows and round wheels from the black paper.
3. Then they assemble their bus.
4. Finally they add people in the windows with their stickers. If they don’t have stickers they can draw the passengers on white paper and snip and stick those instead.

2 Plane passenger: penguin prepares for take off!

You’ll need: a cardboard box, a bit more cardboard, paint, scissors, glue, tape

1. Cut the two longer flaps off the top of the box and help your child cut them into wings.
2. Then help your child cut propellers from the extra cardboard.
3. Now your child paints the box, wings and propellers. We used silver but they can use any colour they like.
4. Once the paint’s dry, your child can stick on the wings and propellers. We added a circle of coloured card to make the centre of the propeller.
5. Now they sit teddy (or penguin) in the plane so they can fly!

3 Choo choo! This train is made with loo rolls!

You’ll need: 5 loo rolls, paint, black paper, scissors, glue, string, tape

1. Snip one loo roll into 2 pieces, one taller and one shorter, to make the driver’s carriage and chimney. Then tape them onto one of the other loo rolls.
2. Now, ask your child to paint the loo rolls different colours.
3. While they dry, get your child to cut out 16 circles from back paper to make the wheels. They can draw around something like a bottle top to help them. Fold the paper so they cut more than one at once – otherwise it’ll take all day!
4. Once the tubes are dry, they can stick on the wheels.
5. Finally, attach the carriages together by taping wool in between them.

4 5,4,3,2,1 blast off! This footprint rocket is out of this world!

You’ll need: paint, black paper, and a foot!

1. Your child makes a footprint by dipping their foot in paint. They can choose whatever colour they like.
2. Then they paint on fins, windows and a pointy top.

5 Go go go! This quick make is speedier than a super car.

You’ll need: a loo roll, paint, scissors, glue


1. Help your child to snip a little bit from the middle of the tube. (This is where the driver sits)
2. Now they paint the tube a fast car colour (like racing red!).
3. Once dry, they snip and stick black paper wheels, paint on go-faster stripes and add a lucky number.