5 ways to craft Christmas cards

A kids’ handpainting project to show they care.

You’ve done it again…. blown the Christmas budget on your kids. Now you’ve got a few pennies and a bit of fluff left to buy everyone else’s pressies with. It doesn’t matter… Christmas is just for kids, right? RIGHT?

Then you remember your parents saved you £30,000 in babysitting fees this year. If you don’t give them something special they could close the door of free childcare in your face. You need something you can prop on the mantelpiece to remind them how sweet your little cherubs are. Something just like these handmade cards…

This is the perfect 5-minute Christmas craft for children aged 2-plus. All you need is card, paint and a pair of helping hands…

 1) RUDOLPH RULES! Fingers at the ready to make this reindeer card

What you’ll need: a piece of card, paint and a paintbrush

  1. Fold a piece of card and position it so it opens below.

2. Get your child to do brown finger and thumbprints on the folded card. These will become the reindeer heads.

3. Now they paint on eyes and noses (Rudolph’s is red, of course!).

4. And paint antlers for the finishing touch.

2) HO HO HO! This Santa card takes minutes to make…

What you’ll need: coloured card, paint, paintbrush

What to do:

1. Fold the card and position it so it opens to the right.
2. Give your child white paint to paint their hand with.
3. Get them to do an upside-down handprint onto the folded card (fingers downwards) to make a handsome beard.
4. Now they paint on the hat, nose, eyes, cheeks and mouth.

3) THE HEART MELTER! Friendly snowmen made with little fingers

What you’ll need: coloured card, white paint, paintbrush, black pen

What to do:

1. Fold the card and position it so it opens below.
2. Ask your little one to dip their fingers into the paint and make lots of prints to create the snowmen.
3. Then, they paint on a nose…
4. Finally, they draw arms, a mouth and buttons with a black pen.

4) OH, CHRISTMAS TREE! How lovely are your fingerprinted branches

What you’ll need: card, paint, paintbrush

What to do:

1. Draw a triangle shape on white card to give your little one a guide.
2. Get your child to do lots of green finger-painting inside the triangle.
3. Now they add a few red fingerprints to make the baubles.
4. And brown fingerprints to make a trunk.
5. Finally, they use their finger to paint on a star.

5) LIGHT UP THEIR WORLD: with fairy lights painted with fingers dipped in rainbow paint

What you’ll need: card, paint, paintbrush

What to do:

1. Fold the card.
2. Ask your child to fill the page with colourful fingerprints.
3. Then they join them up with a pen to turn them into fairy lights.
4. They could pop something in the middle of the lights – like Rudolph (see above) or a snowman (see above).

So there you have it. Christmas cards for Grandmas and Grandads to treasure forever… and a guilt-free babysitting service for the whole of 2019!

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