5 crafts for plane journeys

You board the plane, kick back with a G&T and decide whether to read your magazine, watch a movie, or simply close your eyes and sleep…

Ha ha ha! Yeah right.

You squeeze into your cosy row of seats and hope you can at least put your bag under the seat before…..

“SIT down! STOP kicking! Why are you climbing under the seat? Where are you going? No, you can’t stand on my knee! Did you just bite me?”

We can’t promise you a stress-free journey, but we have put our heads together to think of 5 easy crafts that will surprise your kids and keep them busy.

All you need to pack is a glue stick, googly eyes, coloured lolly sticks, felt tips and pipe cleaners. Then, pop them into a freezer bag for a craft kit that’s ready to use.


1) Make Forky! Kids can use the fork from your meal to make Forky from Toy Story 4

What you’ll need: a fork, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue

What to do:

1. Give Forky a face by gluing on googly eyes and pipe cleaners for a mouth and eyebrow.
2. Twist on pipe cleaner arms and they’re done.

EXTRA: They could make a friend for Forky using a plastic spoon. Spoony?

2) Craft a plane: What better time to make a plane than when you’re on one?

What you’ll need: lolly sticks, glue, felt tips or googly eyes

What to do:

1. Help your little one glue 2 lolly sticks together in a plane shape.
2. Now they can decorate it with their felt tips and/or googly eyes.

EXTRA: Use extra lolly sticks to play an imagination game. What can they pretend the stick is? A magic wand, a phone, a silly hat…?

3) Googly giggles: make some comedy faces!

What you’ll need: googly eyes, a magazine

What to do:

This one’s extra easy. Your kids just flick through a magazine (there’s usually an in-flight magazine if you haven’t got your own, or you can buy one here) and add googly eyes to the people inside.

EXTRA: Give your child a pen, paper and googly eyes so they can draw faces, monsters or pets.

4) Snakes on a plane! A simple pipe cleaner pal

What you’ll need: pipe cleaner and googly eyes

What to do:

1. Your kids bend the pipe cleaner into a snakey shape and glue on eyes –  that’s it! TIP: Twist a few pipe cleaners together to make a fatter snake.

EXTRA: Twist the pipe cleaners onto fingers and wrists to make fabulous fashionable jewellery.

5) Paper bag pets: make a crazy puppet out of the sick bag (only if no one’s using it!)

What you’ll need: paper bag (any kind), googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt tips, glue

What to do:

1. Turn the bag with the opening at the bottom and then let your kids decorate it however they like – googly eyes for eyes are obvious but what about the rest?
2. Pipe cleaners make great whiskers and ears. Poke them into the bag instead of glueing for instant fun. And they can scribble on a nose and mouth.

Are you nearly there yet? We hope so! If not, order another gin and give your kids the bottle for their next craft project…