Craft a rocket, a plane, a helicopter and more!

What to do when you hope for a sunny park day, and the weather gives you drizzle? Thank you English summertime. This is not what we agreed.

It’s time for some blue-sky thinking. Get out the craft supplies and give your child one of these 5 ideas to keep them busy indoors. They’re perfect for chasing the clouds away…

1) Ready, Jet, GO: Make a wooden plane.

What you’ll need: lolly sticks, paint, card, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Snip 1 lolly stick in half and ask your child to paint it along with 4 whole sticks.
2. Use 2 sticks for the body, 2 for the wings and the half sticks for the tail. Glue together.
3. Snip 2 thin strips of card for the propeller and get your little one to stick them on the front.
4. They could colour shapes and pictures on card and stick them on for decoration too!

Photo credit: CBeebies Art magazine

2) Ready, steady, blow! Launch a rocket with a straw.

What you’ll need: card, straw, tape

What to do:

1. Cut out a rocket shape and colour it in.
2. Stick a piece of paper on the back. Only tape the top and sides to make a pocket.
3. Get the kids to pop a straw in the pocket and blow to launch their rocket into the air!

3) Egg-cellent helicopter: Use an egg box to make a cool copter.

What you’ll need: egg box, paint, card, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Snip out one egg holder from an egg box.
2. Paint a white semicircle for the windscreen and the rest another colour.
3. Snip off one of the tall cone pieces from the egg box, paint it and stick it on for the tail.
4. Snip two strips of card and stick them on to the top for the helicopter blades.

4) Full of hot air: Make a 3D hot air balloon to hang up.

What you’ll need: yoghurt pot, card, string, scissors, tape, glue

What to do:

1. Snip out 4 balloon shapes from card. Fold each in half and stick together to make the balloon.
2. Use a yoghurt pot for the basket. Tape it to string and stick the other end of the string onto the balloon.
3. Stick some string on top of the balloon to hang it from the ceiling.

5) Whatever the weather: Make a weather mobile to hang up.

What you’ll need: card, cotton wool, string, scissors, tape, glue

What to do:

1. Snip out a cloud shape and get your child to stick on lots of cotton wool.
2. Snip out a yellow circle from card (or paint a paper plate) and stick on strips of card for sun rays.
3. Snip blue raindrops from card.
4. Use tape and string to stick them all together and hang them up.

We hope these ideas have kept your kids entertained for a little while. And after taking to the skies with helicopters and airplanes, they might just be tired enough to whizz straight up to bed.