5 crafts inspired by the ocean

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Shiny fish: so simple, a goldfish could do it!

You’ll need: coloured paper, glue, sequins, googly eye, a pen

  1. Snip out a fish shape and give it to your child.
  2. Now they add an eye and draw on a smile.
  3. Finally, they blob glue onto the fish and cover it with sequins.

2 Plenty of fish: create an ocean brimming with creatures

 You’ll need: a paper plate, paint, a bag of assorted sequins, glue and mini googly eyes

  1. Get your child to paint the paper plate blue – a sponge gives good coverage.
  2. While it dries, they can sort through the sequins and decide what to use them for.
  3. Now they glue them to the plate (they might like to lay them on the plate first to check their ideas work before sticking them down.


Adding a googly eye to a leaf sequin to create an instant fish.

Grouping gold sequins to create sand.

Using green sequins to make seaweed.

Bunching together round sequins to make bigger fish.

Adding silver sequin bubbles.

3 Wibble wobble: wibble wobble, it’s a jellyfish on a plate

You’ll need: a paper plate, paint, googly eyes, a pen, tissue paper and glue

  1. Cut the plate in half and give it to your child so they can paint it.
  2. While it dries, they cut strips of tissue paper to create tentacles.
  3. Now they glue the tentacles along the bottom of the plate.
  4. And add the finishing touches – googly eye and a smile!

4 Clever fish: two snips transform a paper plate into a fish

You’ll need: a paper plate, paint, tape, a googly eye, a pen

  1. Cut a triangle out of the paper plate to create the fish’s mouth and glue it to the opposite side to make the tail.
  2. Now it’s over to your child to paint the fish and give it an eye and a smile.

5 Shining sea: give kids tin foil as a canvas to paint a colourful underwater world on. Wrap it around a chopping board to keep it smooth.