The best animal crafts for children

You’ve done the park, eaten the snacks, knocked down the LEGO and built a train track – and it’s only 11am.  What you need is some creature comforts… but your child’s got ants in their pants and they need entertaining fast.

Don’t despair! These 5 cute animal crafts will fill a few minutes while you take some time off. The crafts are super simple and perfect for kids aged 2-plus. 

1) Peacock puppet: a pretty cool idea

What you’ll need: green & blue feathers, green & blue pipe cleaners, yellow card, googly eyes, blue sequin mesh, lolly stick, tape, glue

1. Help your child make loops with the pipe cleaners. Then, they tape the feathers and pipe cleaners into a fan shape on the end of the lolly stick. (It helps to tape the pipe cleaners first and then the pipe cleaners on top).

2. Help them to snip a head and body shape from paper. Then let them cover it with sequin mesh.

3. You might need to snip off the excess.

4. Then, they stick on googly eyes and snip a yellow beak to add on.

5. Finally, they glue the body onto the lolly stick, on top of the feathers and pipe cleaners.


2) Slinky snake: this easy craft will make a cute pal to play with

What you’ll need: a long red pipe cleaner, beads, googly eyes

What to do:

1. Fold one end of the pipe cleaner over and twist to stop the beads coming off.
2. Ask your child to thread the beads on leaving some pipe cleaner at the end for the tongue. Make sure that the last bead is bigger.
3. Finish with googly eyes.

3) Wiggly jellyfish: a wiggly jiggly make

What you’ll need: 6 long and different coloured pipe cleaners, a pom-pom, googly eyes

What to do:

1. Loop one pipecleaner around the pompom like a belt, and twist one end into a loop (so you can hang the jellyfish up.)
2. Now, your child can thread pipe cleaners through the belt to make tentacles. To make them curly, they just wrap them around a pencil first.
3. Then, they can finish the jellyfish with googly eyes.

Why not make a few to hang up in their room?

4) Colourful lion: definitely one for the fridge!

What you’ll need: white card, coloured lolly sticks, googly eyes

What to do:

1. Cut out a circle from white card.
2. Ask your child to glue the coloured lolly sticks around the card circle to make a mane.
3. Stick a circle of yellow paper on top. Now, they can stick on two googly eyes and draw a face. Roarsome!

5) Prickly hedgehog: a colourful critter

What you’ll need: coloured paper, coloured matchsticks, small pom-pom, googly eye

What to do:

1. Cut out a hedgehog body shape from coloured paper.
2. Get your little one to glue lots and lots of matchsticks onto the body.
3. Then ask them to add a pom-pom for a nose and a googly eye. Cute!

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