5 crafty birthday decorations

The “help” of a small person is usually the last thing you need when planning a party, but we’ve come up with five simple DIY decorations they can make all by themselves.

For each craft, a little adult set-up is required. But once that’s done, your kids can crack on with being creative, giving you time to tick a few things off your to do list… Decorations = done! Now, the cake… (Guess what! We’ve got a great hack for that.)

1) Show your age: A big cardboard number decoration

What you’ll need: Cardboard, scissors, paper and/or tissue paper, glue

What to do:

1. Cut out a big number from the cardboard.
2. Lay the number out on a flat, covered surface. Raid the craft cupboard for tissue paper and scrap paper. Wrapping paper is god, too.
3. Encourage your little one to rip pieces of paper and glue them onto the number. Explain it needs to be completely covered. So, it will take their full, undivided attention.
4. Snip off any offcuts that might be overhanging from the number. And pop it up on the wall.

2) Personalised hats: A special party present for each guest

What you’ll need: A pack of plain party hats, crafty bits like felt tips, crayons, sequins, tissue paper and glue

What to do:

Give your little helper a hat to design for each guest who’s attending. Explain that it’s up to them how they do that. They could draw or colour, stamp or stick. Just make each hat super special!

3) Bunting: What’s a party without colourful flags?

What you’ll need: String, coloured paper (wrapping paper works well), scissors, tape

What to do:

1. Give your child the task of cutting out lots of paper triangles.
2. Cut a long length of string.
3. Now, your child can tape the triangles onto the string.

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4) Fluttering butterflies: A simple DIY decoration

What you’ll need: Tissue paper, string

What to do:

1. Show your child how to fold the tissue paper back and forth to make a concertina.
2. Knot some string around the middle and fluff out the paper.
3. Hang up with the string.


5) DIY cake toppers Jazz up shop-bought cakes (shhh, we won’t tell anyone)

What you’ll need: cakes, frosting, cocktail sticks, tape, kids’ magazine or chunky stickers

What to do:

1. Ask your child to cut pictures of their favourite characters from magazines (alternatively, use chunky stickers).
2. Meanwhile, cover the cakes in frosting.
3. Now, show your child how to tape each picture to a cocktail sick. (Stickers will need to be sticky taped, to make sure they stay on, too.)
4. Pop the toppers in the cakes and display proudly on a platter.

It might not look classy, but you’ll get top marks for creativity/letting your kids do the hard work.