5 DIY Christmas games

These festive family games are the perfect kids’ craft.

Craft and photos by Sarah Wills.

The Christmas countdown is on!

You’ve been to the school nativity play, the school carol concert, the school Xmas fair.  You’ve wrapped eleventy thousand presents, visited Santa, threatened your kids, blackmailed your kids and now school’s out, woo!

Which means one thing… the real work starts.

So here are five festive games your kids can make to keep them busy in the run up to Christmas Day.

And when everyone looks to you for entertainment on the big day, you can prompt your kids to get out these games. They’re perfect for the whole family to play – from gin-soaked grannies and toddlers on a chocolate high.

And then the countdown to Boxing Day begins, phew!

1) Snowman splat: kids can make a festive skittles game with loo rolls

What you’ll need: 6 loo rolls, paint (white, black orange) and black paper, scrunched up paper ball

1. First, your kids paint the loo rolls white.

2. Now they snip strips of black paper to wrap around the top of each roll.

3. Now for the fun bit… they paint different faces on each snowman.

4. Stand the snowmen up in a pyramid shape. Then throw the scrunched paper ball at them to know them down!

2) Pin the nose on Rudolph: a Christmassy version of pin the tail on the donkey

What you’ll need: a rectangle of cardboard plus extra to cut out antlers, paint, red card, sticky tack and a scarf

What you do:

1. Ask your child to paint two eyes and a smile on the card (leaving space for the nose).
2. Now they can draw, paint and cut out antlers from the other piece of card. And stick them on.
3. Next, they cut out lots of round red noses and put sticky tack on the back of them. (It’s easier if they fold the card so they can cut lots out at once.
4. Now they’re ready to play! Use the scarf to blindfold each player while they try to stick a nose on Rudolph.

3) Mix and match: don’t lose your head! Get kids to make this festive matching game.

What you’ll need: card, pens, scissors

What you do:

1. Get 6 pieces of card all the same size.
2. Lightly draw lines across each card so it is split into thirds
3. Now your kids can draw a Christmas character on each card. Tell them to keep the heads, bodies and legs of each character within each third of the card.
4. Then they colour them in.
5. Now they cut each picture into thirds.
6. To play, they can piece together the characters or make new, funny combinations.

4) No fuss pinata: Stuff a paper bag with sweets, tie the top with string and hang it from a door handle. Each person is blindfolded and given a stick to whack it with, until the sweets cascade out.

5) Do you wanna build a snowman? The race is on to roll a dice and draw each part of a snowman. Who will get there first?

What you’ll need: paper, pens, dice

What you do:

1. Take turns to roll a dice.
2. Draw the part of the snowman your dice number relates to
3. Race your little ones to see who can draw a full snowman the quickest!

6 = body

5 = head

4 = hat

5 = scarf

2 = arms

1 = nose

Well done, you’re nearly there! Let the Christmas countdown begin.  

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