5 DIY gifts kids can make

The gifts that keep on giving – these crafts give 5 minute’s peace to YOU!

Written by Becky Lord

“I want that, I NEED it!” says your child in every shop on the high street while you try to buy dinner, post stuff, get a flu jab and browse Christmas present ideas while holding on to your sanity.

“Maybe we can put it on your Christmas list and tell Santa you’ve been a very g….,”

“But I NEED IT NOW!” Floor wail.

Ho, ho, ho – here’s an idea. Why not stay in and keep your kids busy with these cheap and simple crafts that also tick a few things off your Xmas pressie list?

From jars stuffed with sweets to salt dough mementoes and super-cute stocking fillers, these are presents you’ll actually want to give. And, the best part, they all give 5 minutes back to you.

1) Candy cane cutie: a super sweet Rudolph

What you’ll need: candy cane, ribbon, googly eyes, red pompom, brown pipe cleaner

 What to do:

1. First your child pops on some googly eyes and a pompom nose.
2. Then they wind around pipe cleaner antlers and tie on a ribbon!

2) Hands down, this is cute: a salt dough keepsake for grandparents

What you’ll need: salt, flour, water, paint, glitter

What to do:

1. Help your child mix up salt dough, we’ve got a recipe here.
2. Now help them to shape it into a circle or heart shape and press in a hand or footprint.
3. Microwave the dough for 1 minute to dry it, checking every 10 seconds.
4. Now they can add paint and glitter to make it sparkle.

3) Fabulous frame: personalised by little fingers

What you’ll need: cardboard frame, colourful paints, thin black pen

What to do:

1. First help your child to cut a frame out of white cardboard.
2. Now they dip their fingers into paint (squirt some on a plate) and add lots of colourful fingerprints around the frame.
3. When the paint’s dry, use a black pen to link the prints together like fairy lights (they can do this, or you can – to make sure it’s neat).

Can they find a picture to frame?

4) Jingle bells: a sleigh full of treats

What you’ll need: 2 candy canes, red card, scissors, sticky tape, wrapping paper, string, pens, ribbon, small boxes of sweets*

*instead of sweets, your child could wrap up small raisin boxes – pop a message, promise or a little gift inside each one.

What to do:

1. Help your child cut a piece of red card a little bigger than the largest present and tape two candy canes to the bottom of the card.
2. Now they can wrap the small gifts and decorate with pens.
3. Stack the presents from biggest to smallest on the sleighs, then tie together with a long piece of ribbon.

 Thank you to Girl Talk Art magazine for this amazing make! Girl Talk Art is packed full of crafty ideas – on sale in all good retailers now!

5) Jar star: a sweet snowman gift

What you’ll need:  clean jar, marshmallows, black and orange paper, scissors, glue ribbon

What to do:

1. Ask your child to fill the jar with marshmallows and screw on the lid.
2. Now, they can snip out lots of little black paper circles to glue on to make the eyes and buttons, and snip a triangle from orange paper for the nose.
3. Finish by tying on the ribbon as a scarf.

You can adapt this and fill with any white sweet.

Or make Santa’s tummy


Fill with red foil toffees and then snip a belt from paper and stick it on.

Thank you to Girl Talk Art magazine for this amazing make! Girl Talk Art is packed full of crafty ideas –  on sale in all good retailers now!

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