5 Easter crafts

Worried having the kids home for 2 weeks this Easter will make you hopping mad? Try giving them these easy Easter crafts to try. They’ll keep children aged 3-plus busy for 5 minutes so you get a bit of time for you. 

1) Paper rabbit: Fold to make an origami bunny!

What you’ll need: White card, scissors and felt tips.

1. Cut out a square from white card and draw a little rabbit face.

2. Ask your child to fold it in half, diagonally.

3. Then have them fold it in half again.

4. Then, they fold up a strip along the bottom.

Lastly, they fold in both sides so they meet in the middle.

6. There you have it! A paper bunny friend.


2) Eggbox friends:
your child can transform an eggbox into a chick, rooster or rabbit (down a hole)!

What you’ll need: An egg box, paint, tissue paper, coloured card, scissors and glue

What to do:

Cheepy chick
1. Snip out an egg cup from the box.
2. Ask your little one to paint it white.
3. Can they scrunch up one big and one smaller ball from yellow tissue paper? Then stick them on top of one another in the cup.
4. Finally, they add googly eyes and a card beak.

Clucky rooster
1. Snip out one cup and a divider from the box.
2. Get your child to paint it white.
3. Ask them to add long tissue paper strips for the tail and stick on a beak, eyes and comb on top.

Rabbit hole
1. Cut out one egg cup from the box.
2. Ask your kid to paint it grey.
3. Then, they scrunch up some brown tissue paper to create the rabbit’s bum (hilarious!). Then they scrunch up white tissue paper to add a tail.
4. Ask them to draw some paw shapes on card and stick them on to add the finishing touch.

Picture credit: Something Special magazine

3) Carrot cards: turn footprints into their fave veggie snack.

What you’ll need: White card, green card, an old newspaper, paper plate, orange paint, black felt tip and scissors

What to do:

1. Lay out an old newspaper on the floor. Pop the paper plate with a big blob of orange paint on it.
2. Ask your child to step one foot in the paint, and print it onto the white card. Then do the other foot.
3. When the paint is dry, they can snip around the foot shapes to make two carrots.
4. Then, cut out green strips of card for the leafy tops.
5. Finally, help them to write a message on top!

Picture credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

4) Little chick: kids can create an Easter friend!

What you’ll need: Kitchen roll, yellow paint, yellow tissue paper, orange and yellow card, black felt tip, scissors and glue

What to do:

1. Cut a kitchen roll into two equal rolls.
2. Ask your kid to paint them both yellow.
3. While this is drying, ask them to draw two wings onto yellow card, draw feet and a beak onto orange card.
4. Tell them to snip everything out and stick scrunched-up yellow tissue paper to the wings.
5. Next, ask your child to stick the two rolls together with the wings in-between. You might need to help them with this bit.
6. Next, they can glue on the beak and feet. And add two black eyes as a final touch!

 Picture credit: CBeebies Art magazine

5) Socky bunny: A hoppy, soft rabbit to play with.

What you’ll need: A sock, cotton wool, googly eyes, ribbon, string and scissors.

What to do:

1. Ask your little one to stuff a sock with cotton wool. Help them tie a string at the top, but leave some material for the ears.
2. Tie a ribbon around it so that the bottom half is bigger than the top.
3. Ask your child to stick on some googly eyes and draw on a mouth.
4. Snip the top of the socks into two strips for the floppy ears.

Picture credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

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