5 easy autumn paintings

Images and words: Sara Conway

Do you like autumn? I’m one of the yes people. That back-to-school feeling, bonfire smoke in the air, feeling cosy indoors. Whether you love it or hate it, these craft activities for children aged 2-plus are perfect for indoor days. And they all capture a little bit of autumn magic.

1) Apple printing: turn one of their 5-a-day into a work of art

You’ll need: an apple, paint and paper

1) Cut the apple in half.

3) Then they print…

4) …and repeat!


 2) Leaf pal:kids will love finding and then painting this autumn friend

 You’ll need: a leaf, paint, googly eyes

Your child simply paints the leaf and adds googly eyes!

 3) Leaf stencil: a simple leaf makes a dramatic painting

You’ll need: a leaf, sticky tack, paper and paint

1. Attach the leaf to the paper with sticky tack to hold it in place.
2. Now your child swishes paint onto the page and over the leaf.
3. Then they lift the leaf away to see the shape it has left behind.

4) Fingerpaint tree: a personal way to paint

You’ll need: one hand, some fingers, paper and paint!

1. Help your child to draw around their hand and arm.
2. Now they paint the shape brown.
3. And then they dot on some red, yellow and orange leaves with their fingers (they can add some swirling in the air, too).

5) Leaf printing: preserve fallen treasures

You’ll need: a few fallen leaves, paper and paint

1. Challenge your child to collect some leaves with good strong veins.
2. Now give them some paints to apply to the side of the leaf that has the markings.
3. Then they press onto paper and repeat!