4 easy bakes for Children in Need

How’s your school marking Children in Need this year? If you’ve been asked to whip up a Pudsey-themed bake then look no further. These ideas are so quick and easy, your kids can help too.

There are options for shop-bought and homemade, so you can make them work in the time you have available.

If you fancy holding your own bake sale, you can find the free BBC Children in Need fundraising kit here.

1) Perfectly Pudsey: ice some cute bear biscuits

What you’ll need: shop-bought round biscuits (or make your own), 140g icing sugar, 4-5 tbsp lemon juice, sandwich bag, duct tape or strong sticky tape, writing icing in different colours

What to do:

1. Get your little one to help mix the icing sugar with the lemon juice until fairly thick.
2. Fold a sandwich bag over to make a triangle, and secure with duct tape or strong sticky tape.
3. Fill the bag with the icing, then snip the corner and ice a bandana across each biscuit. Leave to set.
4. Help your child add face details with black icing, then use blobs of coloured icing for the famous Pudsey spots!

2) Spotty dotty cake

What you’ll need: shop-bought Victoria sponge (or make your own), ready-made yellow fondant icing, 1 tbsp jam writing icing, Smarties

 What to do:

1. Knead the fondant icing until pliable and help your child to roll it out. Spread the jam over the cake and then put the icing on top. Trim to fit.
2. Now, they can cover it with Smarties to create colourful spots! Use a blob of writing icing to glue the Smarties on.

3) No-bake bears: even the youngest children can help with this one

What you’ll need: 3 tbsp butter, 225g caster sugar, 1 tbsp honey, 500g cornflakes, paper cake cases, colourful sprinkles, writing icing

What to do:

1. Help your little one measure out the ingredients.
2. Melt the butter, sugar and honey on a medium heat.
3. Add the cornflakes and stir until mixed.
4. Spoon into paper cake cases in a bear shape. Cover in colourful sprinkles and add little icing dots for eyes, if you like.
5. Leave to set in the fridge.

4) Spotty cakes
: go dotty for this easy bake

What you’ll need: shop-bought fairy cakes (or make your own), 140g icing sugar, 4-5 tbsp lemon juice, Smarties

What to do:

1. Show your little one how to mix the icing sugar with the lemon juice until fairly thick. Spread on the top of each cake.
2. Now they can help you to pop on the Smarties while the icing is still wet. It will glue them in place.

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