5 easy children’s Christmas tree decorations!

A quick guide to simple and effective Christmas tree decorations that kids can craft at home

Written by Gabrielle Meredith-Elsworth

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, and that means lots of grabby little hands “helping” you to unwind the fairy lights… But no need to blow a fuse! Give your kids these Christmas tree crafts to keep them busy.

These simple, do-it-yourself decoration ideas include children’s favourites, from unicorns to icicles inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2, so children and toddlers aged 2-plus will be excited to make them. Plus, they use affordable supplies like paper and pine cones, so you can save money for the important Christmas necessities (like presents – and mulled wine!).

1) Pompom pine cone: a mini tree (to put on the tree!)

What you’ll need: pine cones, mini craft pompoms, strong glue, string

What to do:

1. Show your child how to glue mini pompoms in the spaces between the pine cone branches.
2. Tie a loop of string to the top of the pine cone and ta-da! A mini Christmas tree for the Christmas tree!

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2) Nature reindeer: leaf them to it!

What you’ll need: a dry leaf, glue, black card, scissors, googly eyes, something red and circular (you could use a button, a pompom, or a skimmed milk carton top), sticky tape, string

What to do:

You can start this activity by sending your kids outside to find leaves and twigs.

1. Get your child to glue the leaf to the black card.
2. Help them cut around the leaf.
3. Ask them to stick googly eyes and a red nose onto the leaf. They can tape the twigs to the back to make antlers!
4. Attach a loop of string to hang the decoration.

3) Foil icicles: perfect for Frozen fans

What you’ll need: aluminium foil, blue paint, string

What to do:

1. Ask your child to scrunch pieces of foil into long, thin icicle shapes.
2. Add blue paint for that signature Frozen look!
3. Add string to hang them on your tree.

Photo credit: CBeebies ART

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4) Lolly stick tree: a cute creation

What you’ll need: colourful lolly sticks, sequins, glue, gold star stickers (optional), sparkly thread or string

What to do:

1. Cut lolly sticks into five different lengths to make the branches.
2. Get your child to order them from shortest to longest (crafts and maths!).
3. Help them stick the five lolly stick lengths to a vertical lolly stick.
4. Ask them to glue on sequins for sparkly baubles (they could add a gold star if they like!).
5. Attach a loop of sparkly thread to the top of the tree so they can hang it up.

Photo credit: CBeebies ART

5) Unicorn: for some extra magic

What you’ll need: 5 blue lolly sticks (your kids can paint plain ones and leave them to dry), silver foil glued to a piece of thin card, pink paper or card, coloured wool (snipped into 2-inch lengths), glue, black marker, thread

What to do:

1. Show your child how to join 4 lolly sticks together by gluing the fifth one diagonally behind them.
2. Then, they can cut out two ears from the pink paper and a horn from the foil-backed card. Show them the picture so they can glue the ears and horn onto the sticks. Glue some wool for hair, too!
3. Now they draw eyes and nostrils with the black marker pen.
4. Add a loop of thread for hanging.

Photo credit: CBeebies ART.

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