5 EASY Christmas crafts for kids

Written by: Sarah Woodall

It’s December, tree-decorating time… the whole family’s here to make magical memories. You don’t need fairy lights when you’ve got these mega-watt smiles.

Or, maybe… just maybe… the fairy lights are in a tangled-up ball. Your kids are busy ‘helping’… you’re busy gritting your teeth and trying not to shout, “No, don’t put another bauble on that branch!“ Ebenezer Scrooge is looking like Santa Claus compared to you.

But don’t worry! You won’t end up hobbling through Christmas Past snarling in a nightgown. Just try one of these festive craft projects to keep kids busy. They’re suitable for children aged 2+ and will give you a bit of space to get things done…

1) Snowman biscuits: Keep it simple with shop-bought biscuits and eat a few as you go along.

What you’ll need: biscuits, white fondant icing, icing pens

1. Get your kids to roll out the fondant icing and use a cutter or a plastic beaker to cut it into circles. Lie them on top of each biscuit.

2. Now let them loose with the icing pens so they can decorate them however they like.

3. Now eat!


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2) Here comes Santa Claus: grab a loo roll for this easy make

What you’ll need: cardboard tube, paint, cotton wool, glue, red paper

 How to make:

1. First, your child paints ¾ of a cardboard tube red. Paint the other quarter flesh coloured (they can make this by adding white to the red paint).
2. Now they roll some red paper into a cone to make Santa’s hat and glue it on.
3. Then they stick cotton wool on the tube to make a beard. They can add some to the hat, too.
4. Finally, they draw some eyes.

3) Pining for me time: a craft project worthy of Instagram in 3 easy steps

What you’ll need: pine cones*, ribbon, googly eyes, a red pompom, brown (or black) paper

*Collect pine cones in the park and wash in hot water. Or order online here.

How to make:

1. First your child cuts ear shapes from the paper.
2. Then they glue everything on to the pine cone: googly eyes, ears and the pompom nose.
3. If you like, they can glue ribbon to the back and hang the decoration on the tree (Instagram moment alert!)

4) Reach for the stars! This lolly stick star is Christmas craft at its best.

What you’ll need: 3 lolly sticks, paint, glue, wool, plus glitter and sequins (optional)

What you do:

1. First your child glues the lolly sticks in the shape of a star.
2. Now they can paint them.
3. And add glitter and sequins, if you’re using them.
4. Finally, they add a bit of wool so they hang them on the tree.

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5) Dear Santa: All you need is some paper and hey presto… one letter to Santa ready to go.

What you’ll need: pen, paper, stamp for the North Pole (i.e. a sticker)

 Just ask your child to draw or write the thing they’d most like for Christmas. And then get them to decorate the letter and envelope by colouring, sticking, maybe adding sequins… you’re guaranteed an evening’s peace while they try to impress Santa.

And if all else fails, just give your kids the tangled fairy lights to unravel while you discover some festive cheer at the bottom of a pan of mulled wine. Hiccup-appy Xmas one and all.