5 Easy Christmas Crafts

Try these super-simple creative crafts, and have some festive fun together!

Written by Becky Lord

It’s a festive, cosy afternoon. The tree is twinkling, Mariah’s crooning, the fire’s roaring – now is the PERFECT time for some Christmas crafts…

OK! Ok. Your house might be more hectic than hygge, but these Christmas crafts are so easy to do, you can set your kids up with them while you find 5 minute’s peace. From paper Christmas trees to DIY crackers (that you can really pull!), these are ideas kids aged 3-plus will love to make.

And guess what! We’ve even got 5 super simple hot chocolate recipes you can stir up to help you find your inner Crimbo calm.

1) Festive fans: it’s easy to make these paper Christmas trees

What you’ll need: cardboard tube cut into short sections, green paper, yellow paper, sticky tape, scissors, glue, gold star stickers (optional), glitter (optional)

What to do:

1. First, your child folds the green paper into fan shapes.
2. Tape one end of the paper shut to make the top of the tree.
3. Now, cut out stars from the yellow paper and glue them to the top of the tree.
4. Decorate the rest of the tree with more stars. Your little one can add glitter (but only if you want them to!).
5. Finally, show them how to cut slots into the tube and slide the tree in to stand it up!

Picture credit Craft and photo: Liz Langley

2) Brilliant bunting: hang up Rudolph and his friends!

What you’ll need: brown paper, scissors, googly eyes, red pompoms, glue, string, sticky tape, pegs

What to do:

1. First, your child cuts out lots of big brown paper triangles.
2. Then, they glue on googly eyes and red nose pompoms!
3. Tape the top of each reindeer to the string.
4. Finally, position the pegs so they look like antlers.
5. Hang up in pride of place on a mantelpiece or in the window.

Picture credit Craft and photo: Liz Langley


3) Tube dude: make a loo roll snowman

What you’ll need: cardboard tubes, white paint, paintbrush, black felt tip or crayons, scissors, coloured card (including orange)

What to do:

1. To start, your child paints a tube white.
2. While the paint is drying, they cut out an orange carrot nose and a colourful scarf from card.
3. When the paint’s dry, they stick the nose and scarf onto the tube.
4. Now they draw on eyes, a smile and buttons with a black felt tip (a crayon will work, too, for little kids).

Picture credit Craft and photo: Liz Langley

4) Handsome print: paint Santa!

What you’ll need: green, red and pink card, white paint, scissors, black pen, googly eyes

What to do:

1. First, your child prints a white handprint onto green card to make Santa’s beard.
2. When it’s dry, add a face! They can pop on some googly eyes, and cut out pink cheeks and a red nose from circles of card. Then draw on a mouth.
3. Finally, add a red card hat. Use blobs of white paint to add fur and a bobble.

This is a fun activity on its own, but it also makes a brilliant personalised Christmas card that grandparents will love!

Picture credit Craft and photo: Liz Langley

5) Bang bang! Create crackers with a surprise inside

What you’ll need: cardboard tubes, wrapping paper, glue, ribbon, small gift (e.g. a sweet, chocolate or stickers)

What to do:

1. First, your kids roll and glue wrapping paper around a tube, leaving extra paper at both ends.
2. Now, they tie one end shut with ribbon.
3. Then, they drop a little gift inside and tie the other end.
4. Save for Xmas – or pull now, if waiting is too hard!

Picture credit Craft and photo: courtesy of CBeebies Art magazine


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