5 easy Halloween decorations

Try these fiendishly fast decorations for super-spooky style!

Written by Becky Lord

It’s the annual spookathon and the whole neighbourhood has agreed their kids will trick-or-treat at 5pm, calling at every house with a decoration outside. Which is great, but now it’s 3pm, you’ve got a child to pick up from school, Halloween outfits to assemble and zero time to carve a pumpkin – dum, dum, DUUUM!

Don’t worry! You can put your kids to work creating these simple creepy crafts using stuff you’re likely to have in. They’re perfect for keeping little fingers busy, giving you time to get the costumes ready. (Need a quick costume, too? We’ve got a post for that.) 

Our top tip: Hang up fair lights with a few homemade decorations dangling off them.

There, you’ll be Halloween-ready in no time.

1) Egg box bats: Make some happy, flappy friends

What you’ll need: egg box, black paint, googly eyes, orange ribbon, scissors

What to do:

1. Cut out 3 joined cups from an egg box. Cut scalloped edges on the outer 2 to make wings.
2. Now, your kids can paint the whole thing black.
3. When it’s dry, they add googly eyes.
4. Make 2 cuts in the top of the middle cup, so they can thread some orange ribbon through. Hang in the window or outside your front door.

2) Spooky spiders: Kids can make some wool-derful webs!

What you’ll need: black card, white wool, orange card, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Help your child snip a circle of black card (you can draw around a plate).
2. Then, give them the orange card to draw and snip a spider from.
3. Now, give them strips of wool (white or a pale colour) to stretch across the plate, taping each one at the back. Add a loop of wool so you can hang the web up.
4. Finally, they glue on the spider. Then hang the web on your front door.

3) Bat basket: This decoration doubles as a tub for trick or treating!

What you’ll need: paper cup, black paint, black card, white paper, red pen, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, scissors, tape

What to do:

1. Give the cup to your child to paint black.
2. Then, they snip out black card wings and ears. Once the cup is dry, they can tape them to it.
3. Now they use white paper and red pen to make a mouth with fangs to stick to the cup. Add googly eyes!
4. Add a pipe cleaner for a handle to hang it up.

4) Frankenstein’s friend: Make a green monster!

What you’ll need: paper cup, green paint, black paint, googly eyes, black card

What to do:

1. Give your child the cup to paint green.
2. When it’s dry, they can draw on black hair and a mouth, and stick-on googly eyes.
3. You could snip a speech bubble from a piece of card with a personalised message for trick or treaters!

5) Creepy cup: A ghost pal made from loo roll!

What you’ll need: paper cup, toilet paper, glue, black pen, string, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Give your child a cup and a black pen so they can draw a face.
2. Tear long strips of toilet paper for them to stick to the inside of the cup.
3. Use thread to hang the cup up.

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