5 easy Halloween face paint ideas

Get them looking spook-tacular without all the fuss

Written by Gabrielle Meredith-Elsworth

I don’t know when Halloween became such a big thing. For those of us who are, let’s say, artistically challenged, it can be a nightmare. There seems to be a real pressure to transform your house and kids into home-crafted visions of spookiness.

At 5 Minute Fun we like to keep things simple. We’ve got guides to easy Halloween decorations kids can make and simple costumes. Now, here’s your step-by-step guide to face-painting.

Get this right, and you can send your kids out of the door wearing pretty much anything. You’ll even be prepared for a last-minute change (what do you mean you want to go as a unicorn, I bought you the perfect witch costume?!) .

Now, if only there was an easy way to avoid eating ALL of the trick-or-treat sweets…

1) Pumpkin pal: get your pumpkin on!

What you’ll need: yellow, orange, black and green face paint

What to do:

1. Paint yellow zigzags under and over the eyes.
2. Paint the forehead and face area orange.
3. Paint a stem on the forehead.
4. Add two black lines for detail.

 2) Spidey: everyone’s favourite super!

What you’ll need: black and red face paint

What to do:

1. Paint a black semi-circle over each eye.
2. Paint half the face red.
3. Draw 4 black lines that cross in the middle of the face, staying outside the eye lines.
4. Add lines for web detail.

 3) Unicorn: what’s Halloween without a little magic?

What you’ll need: yellow, white, pink and blue face paint

What to do:

1. Paint an upside-down yellow kite in the middle of the forehead and two white ear shapes above each eyebrow.
2. Add little pink flowers to the bottom of the triangle and pink detail to the ears.
3. Paint coloured stars on each cheek.

 4) Frankenstein’s monster: make others green with envy!

What you’ll need: green and black face paint

What to do:

1. Paint the middle of the face green.
2. Paint above the eyebrows on each side like this.
3. Paint the lips black and extend on each side.
4. Paint black bolts on the side of each eye and a jagged line on the forehead.
5. Add small black lines over the forehead line and lip line.

5) Witching hour: spooky sparkly face paint!

What you’ll need: purple, green and black face paint, glitter (optional)

What to do:

1. Paint around the eyes with purple face paint and the rest of the face green.
2. With black paint, outline from the nostrils, up each side of the nose and on top of each eyebrow.
3. Paint the lips black and add frown lines on the forehead.
4. Add a black spot and a tiny spider hanging from one eye.
5. Dab glitter on the purple paint (optional).

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