5 easy Halloween makes

Image: 5 Minute Fun | Words: Sara Conway

It’s actually Halloween today.

You’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘Isn’t it over yet?!’ – we are! – but our kids are only just getting started.

Here are 5 spooky craft ideas to keep them busy before trick or treating tonight – when we’ll be celebrating with a nice glass of blood-red wine!

1 Googly-eyed mummy

What you’ll need: A cardboard tube (kitchen or loo roll is perfect), a couple of pieces of tissue (loo roll, tissues, napkins or kitchen roll all work), black paint and 2 googly eyes.

What to do: Paint your loo roll black, then wrap it in torn-up ‘bandages’. Stick on the googly eyes, and you’re done – a creepy trick or treating prop in just 5 minutes.

2 Spooky ghosts

What you’ll need: Cotton wool balls, a pack of napkins or tissues and some ribbon or string (we used hair elastics!)

What to do: Wrap each cotton wool balls inside a piece of paper. Twist the paper beneath the ball and secure it with ribbon, string or a hair elastic. Draw on a spooky face!

3 Trick or treat? 

What you’ll need: A satsuma and a celery stick

What to do: Trick them into eating a healthy treat by turning a satsuma into a pumpkin! All you need to do is peel it and pop a chunk of celery stick in the top. Wicked!

4 Bat (or cat!) mask

What you’ll need: Coloured card (black would be best, but you can also use what you’ve got around the house, like we did!), scissors, a felt tip pen, a pencil, 2 straws

What to do: Watch our (30 second) how-to video here. This one is so easy, our kids can make it themselves. Then just pair with a black top and bottoms for the perfect last-minute costume.

5 DIY slime

What you’ll need: one cup of baby shampoo, two cups of cornflour plus food colouring and glitter (optional)

  1. First, help your toddler spoon the cornflour into a bowl.
  2. Then they can stir in the shampoo.
  3. And squish it together.
  4. Add food colouring and glitter if you like.

If you leave this dough, it becomes chalky and brittle. To get it going again, just work it in your hands.

Tip: For a more squidgy dough, use hair conditioner instead of baby shampoo. The oil stops the mixture becoming crumbly.

Our children love making slime so much it’s worth the small amount of effort to get the ingredients ready. The big question is what colour will they make it – monstrous green or sparkly unicorn blue? You can find even more slime toddler-safe slime recipes here.

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