5 easy hand washing hacks for kids


Quick and fun ideas

It's more important than ever to wash our hands properly, but how do you convince a young child to follow the NHS procedure for handwashing? Easy! These handy hints and tips make it simple to help kids to wash their hands and they'll have fun doing it, too.

1. 20 seconds hand wash hacks

  1. The NHS and WHO guidelines for hand washing state that you should wash them for at least 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing happy birthday). Turn it into a game and give your child toys to wash as well as their hands. 

2. Understanding how germs spread hack

We know germs are there, but we can’t see them. So help kids understand by using glitter, which (as we all know) spreads everywhere!

Dip their hands in glitter and then let them see how the glitter can get onto surfaces and other people, too. But if they scrub the glitter off, it goes safely down the drain.

3. Cleaning your whole hand hack

When you wash your hands, you need to make sure every part of your hand is clean. Try this easy visual way to show your child.

Paint their hand (they can use the paint to make a cool handpainting!) and then help them to scrub every part of it, from their palm to the tips of their fingers, to get all the paint off.  

4. Making hand washing a habit hack

It’s important to wash hands more often at the moment, so make a reward chart and reward every hand wash with a sticker.

5. Remembering to wash hands properly every time hack

You can’t get out the paints and toys every time your child washes their hands, so try these easy fun ways to remember how to wash hands properly:

  • 20 seconds: sing a favourite song. The chorus to Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 or the rap from Moana’s You’re Welcome are the perfect length.
  • Try some fun actions : tickle your palms, catch the back of your hand, wash them upside down, and quick! Grab your thumb before it escapes!