5 easy ways to craft using dried pasta

These creative ideas for kids use pasta shells, spirals, spaghetti and more!

It’s 4pm. The kids are home from school and they’re playing sweetly, so you can get on with the business of making their dinner. They understand you’ve got stuff to do and, besides, they have a million and one toys, how could they get bored?

Yeah, right!

If you’re harassed and trying to do a billion and one things with a whiney child getting under your feet, try giving them one of these 5 minute makes. They use dry pasta and a few other things you’re likely to have in your cupboards, which means they’re quick and simple to set up, and perfect to do in the kitchen.

You can choose the level that suits your kids – from two-step pasta shell bugs to a tin foil lasagne robot that requires a little more effort – then leave them to it, leaving you a bit of headspace to get stuff done.

1 Pasta ladybirds: your kids will go dotty for these pasta shell bugs

You’ll need: pasta shells and paint

  1. First your kids paint the pasta shells red. Then they wait…
  2. Now they dot on some black spots and a face.

It’s that simple!

2 Pasta mural: coloured pasta makes a great 3D picture

Get your child to paint different pasta shapes in different colours and wait for them to dry. Then they can arrange them on black card to create a cool pasta pattern mural.

3 Pasta robot: foil-wrapped lasagne provides the base for this shiny friend

You’ll need: tin foil, lasagne sheets, different pasta shapes, paint, glue

  1. Help your child to wrap a sheet of lasagne in a piece of foil.
  2. Now snip to create legs and a head. You’ll have to do this bit as you need to use kitchen scissors.
  3. Meanwhile, your child can choose what pasta shapes they want to decorate their robot with. We used alphabet pasta, shells, rigatoni and fusilli.
  4. Now get your child to paint the pasta shapes. Normal paint works fine – there’s no need to use dye.
  5. Once the shapes are dry, they can stick them on.

There you have it! A robot pasta pal. And if your child loves robots, there’s another great make here

4 Pasta jewellery: painted pasta creates colourful beads

Your child can paint rigatoni pasta in different colours and patterns, and then thread them onto string or a pipe cleaner to make fun bracelets and necklaces.

Your kids can make more great jewellery using drinking straws

 5 Spaghetti hair: painting spaghetti turns it into something hairlarious!

You’ll need: spaghetti, paint, coloured paper

  1. First get your kids to paint the spaghetti – we put ours in a washing up bowl, chucked in some paint, and stirred it all up with a brush. Now put it on a wire rack to dry. It will stick together so separate it out a bit (some clumps are fine though).
  2. While that’s drying, help your kids create a face. We cut out paper shapes to make ours. They could also paint or draw one.
  3. Now they give the face crazy spaghetti hair. They can stick it down, or leave it loose and reuse it to try these ideas…

Why not get the kids to use the spaghetti to make… a grrreat craft lion!

Or they could make a spaghetti bolognese by putting tissue paper mince and tomato on top!

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