5 easy ways to help kids sleep

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If you thought waking up to feed them as a baby was bad enough, enter the next nightmare: children who refuse to stay in their own bed. If your 3- or 4-year-old is waking you up at night, try these 5 top tips to help them (and you) enjoy sweet dreams until morning.

1 Bedroom makeover: make your child’s space a special place

The first step to helping your child stay in their own bedroom is to make it a place where they love to spend time.

Let them choose bedding and add soft, cosy extras like cushions and blankets.

Whether they’re into PJ Masks, The Gruffalo, Hey Duggee, Bing, Moon and Me or L.O.L. Surprise!, Dreamtex has quality duvet cover designs and bedroom accessories that you and they will love.

2 Create a reward chart for staying in bed

What you’ll need: card, coloured pens, stickers

What to do:

  1. Create a reward chart with your child and then get ready to fill it in together. You could copy the one in this photograph. 
  2. Talk to your child about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep so they can grow, learn and feel happy. Explain that they can add a sticker to the chart after each night they stay in bed.
  3. If they have a good night’s sleep and stay in bed, make sure to make a big fuss of it and let them know how well they’ve done.
  4. Set challenges for them. Can they do 2 nights in a row? How about a full week? Decide how often to reward them – a reward could be a new duvet cover or simply a trip to the park.

3 Elephant breathing: a mindful game to calm children before bed

  1. Stand up with your legs slightly apart and ask your child to copy what you do.
  2. Take a deep breath in through the nose, pushing your tummy out and lifting your arms up as if they were an elephant’s trunk. Can they copy you?
  3. Breathe out through the mouth, bringing your arms down.
  4. Repeat slowly with nice big breaths.

4 Bedtime buddy: use a doll or teddy to role-play bedtime

What you’ll need: a doll or teddy

What to do: Sometimes, it’s easier for a child to accept rules if they know they apply to everyone else too. And this is a great way to turn bedtime into a game. Go through the bedtime routine with your child and their toy – this time, they get to be you. They’ve got to give their toy milk, wrap them in a blanket, pretend to clean their teeth and then tuck them up in bed. When they give them a kiss, they can remind them to stay in bed until morning.

5 No screens please: an alternative quiet time activity

What you’ll need: colouring pencils, paper

What to do: Screens before bedtime can make it difficult to sleep, so how about a chill-out alternative to a bedtime programme? Ask them to colour you a night-time picture and then settle down with a story before it’s time to turn the lights out.

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