5 easy World Book Day outfits

Do you want a homemade World Book Day outfit without the stress? These simple, no-sew costume ideas based on children’s favourite bedtime stories are so easy your child can help you to make them. From The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Fantastic Mr Fox, there are ideas suitable for kids of all ages.

1) MUNCH, MUNCH, CRUNCH: Snip and stick to make this Very Hungry Caterpillar mask.

What you’ll need: A4 felt: 3 x red, 1 x brown, 1 x yellow and 1 x green, 2 pipe-cleaners, pencil, glue, scissors and a green or yellow top

Scroll for easy step-by-step instructions….

1. Ask your kids to glue together the 3 pieces of red felt in a row.

2. Then glue together the right and left edges so you make a tube.

3. Ask your kids to bend the pipe cleaners in half and twist. Meanwhile, cut 4 rectangles from the brown felt. Use plenty of glue to sandwich the pipe-cleaners inside the felt.

4. Once the glue has dried, help your kids to snip the brown felt into antennae

5. Meanwhile, they can draw and snip ovals from the yellow and green felt and glue them on to make eyes and a nose.

6. Then sandwich the antenna between the felt at the top of the mask and glue.

7. Now, cut a big enough hole for them to see out of.

8. Finally, snip the top corners off and add more glue to close the top of the mask.


Pair with a yellow or green t-shirt or jumper.

 Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

For more picture book inspiration, try these ideas inspired by The Tiger Who Came to Tea

2) We looked! And we saw him! The Cat in the Hat: Create the cat’s classic striped hat and bow-tie.

What you’ll need:

FOR THE HAT: a paper plate, a large sheet of white card and a red pen

FOR THE BOWTIE: Red card, elastic (optional)

Plus, tape, scissors and glue

What to do:

1. Help your child to do 8 cuts from the middle of the paper plate to the rim. View this stage in this witch’s hat craft. 
2. Push the triangles up and check the plate will fit on your child’s head.
3. Ask them to colour (or paint) thick red stripes lengthways across the piece of white card. (Have a break and put the kettle on!)
4. Help your child to roll the stripy paper into a tube and tape.
5. Help your child pop the tube on the paper plate. Fold up all the triangles and tape inside the paper tube. Cut a disk of white card to tape on top.
6. Concertina a piece of red card and pinch the middle to make a bowtie. Secure with a thin strip of red card. Sick it to a strip of red paper (or elastic) so your child can wear it.

They can wear this with a black t-shirt or jumper.

Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

3) A Fantastically simple mask: Make a simple, crafty mask of Fantastic Mr Fox!

What you’ll need: Brown card, white and black paint, scissors, tape

What to do:

1. Help your child draw a fox face with ears, then they can snip it out. Cut out holes for eyes, too.
2. Now, they can paint on a white mouth with a black nose and whiskers!
3. When the mask is dry, secure it around your child’s face with strips of brown card and tape – or elastic.

A smart white shirt and tie finishes the look!

Craft and photos by Rowena Kinghorn

 Here are some more great masks!

4) Made for twizzling! This simple mask is perfect for fans of Giraffes Can’t Dance.

What you’ll need: dark yellow card/orange card, light yellow card, brown paper, scissors, tape, glue, a red straw and a black pen 

What to do:

1. With your child, snip out an oval from the dark yellow card/orange card to make Gerald the Giraffe’s head. And then cut two oval ears. 
2. Now, help our child to cut a square with rounded edges from the yellow card (this is the nose).  Plus, two smaller ovals for the middles for the ears. 
3. Hold the oval to your child’s face and mark where there eyes are with pencil. Lift away, and cut out eyeholes.  
4. Now, your child can assemble Gerald the Giraffe’s head by sticking the nose and ears onto it.
5. Let them have fun tearing and gluing on patches of brown paper.
6. Then they can draw a mouth, nostrils and ossicones (the points on top of a giraffe’s head!).
7. Finally, tape the mask to the straw so they can hold it in front of their face.

Best worn with a yellow top and dancing feet!

Picture credit: Photo and craft from CBeebies Art magazine

5) Aliens Love Underpants: And your kid will love this amazingly simple space alien dress-up!

What you’ll need: green, purple and black card, scissors, tape, glue, string, paper straws

What to do:

1. With your child, cut out 3 green card eyes and stick them onto paper straws.
2. Cut out a green card alien mask and tape the 3 eyes to the mask!
3. Use a strip of card to hold the mask in place.
4. Cut out green card hands with extra-long alien fingers.
5. Stick on lengths of wool to tie them loosely around your child’s wrists.

The theme of World Book Day 2019 is ‘Share a Story’. Now that your child has the perfect costume, why not read the story together? Even better, ask them to make up a new story for their character (while you have a cup of tea). Happy World Book Day!