5 egg-citing makes!

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Treasure chest: ahoy there! An egg box is the perfect place to store treasure.

You’ll need: egg box, paint, paper, jewels

  1. Your kids paint their egg box. We used contrasting colours for the top and bottom.
  2. Now they decorate the box. We added strips of paper and gems.

That’s it! What will they keep inside?

2 Jazzy turtle: sparkles make these turtles extra special.

You’ll need: a cup cut from an egg box, paint, glue, sequins (or glitter), green paper, scissors, a pen

  1. Put the egg cup on the piece of green paper so your kids can draw the turtle’s head and flippers.
  2. Now they lift away the egg cup and paint it to make the turtle’s shell.
  3. While it dries, they cut around the head and flippers so they have one complete turtle body. And draw on a face.
  4. Finally, they glue sequins (or glitter) to the shell, and then stick it on the turtle’s back.

3 Rock chick: superstar chicks they can make in 5 minutes.

You’ll need: two cups cut from an egg box, yellow paint, orange paper, plus glitter (optional rock chick bling)

  1. First ask your kids to paint the egg cups yellow.
  2. While they dry, they can draw and cut out feet, a beak and sunglasses. And add glitter to the sunglasses if you have it.
  3. Now they glue the two cups together so they make a round body. The egg cups have little peaks on them, which when positioned like the picture look like little wings.
  4. Now your kids stick on the glasses, beak and feet. That’s it!

4 A little pot for planting in

Give your kids 6 cotton wool balls to dip in water and pop in the egg box cups. Then they sprinkle cress seeds over each ball and press lightly. Finally, they position them in a warm sunny spot and… wait! Cress should appear in 24 hours, and it should be tall enough to snip and eat within 7 days.

5 Collect and count game

Write numbers inside an egg box’s cups and send your kids off on a mission to fit that many objects inside each cup. Inside, they could try raisins, cereal hoops, mini toys. Outside, they could try petals, leaves and twigs.