5 fingerpainting ideas for children

Images and words: Sarah Conway 

1)Finger smudge cats: Kids can use their fingers as paintbrushes to create these cool cats.

Dot paint onto a sheet of paper and then help your child smudge the paint to make cats – or snakes, monsters, or anything else they like! Note to mums and dads: we found ourselves doing this after the kids went for a nap! It’s oddly relaxing…

2) Finger paint biscuits: These quick and easy finger paintings look good enough for teddy to eat.

Get your child to use their fingers to paint biscuits for teddy, using pictures to inspire them. We did Jammie Dodgers, Bourbons, Custard Creams and Party Rings. Once they’re dry, snip them out and serve them up on a plate.

3) Finger print family: Combine finger painting with drawing to create these happy chaps!

Get the little ones to fill a piece of paper with individual finger prints, and then wait for them to dry. When they’re ready, your child can draw faces on them. Try adding hair and hats – we coloured these in with paint. You could print people with different jobs, people you know, or just have fun.

4) Bouncing bunny finger painting: Make a simple stencil so even toddlers can create this fun bunny.

First make a stencil by drawing a simple bunny shape on the card cutting it out. Blue Tack it onto the paper. Now get them to bounce their fingers over the rest of the page to fill it with prints. We used green for grass, blue for sky, and orange for carrots, but any colours will work. Finally, remove the stencil to reveal picture! We added googly eyes, because we love them.

5 Finger painted flock of sheep: These woolly lambs will help your kids learn to count.

First get your child to finger paint 10 woolly sheep bodies onto black card. Meanwhile, draw 10 simple sheep heads on another piece of black card. Then get them to cut those out while the sheep dry. Now they can glue the sheep heads to the bodies. Add eyes – either with white paint and a black pen, or googly eyes if you have them. Finally, help your child cut out the sheep so they can use them for this cool counting game…