5 fairytale crafts for preschoolers

Images and words: Sara Conway

These quick and easy 5 minute crafts will keep children aged 2+ busy while you take a break. Based on their favourite fairytales, they’ll prompt imaginative play with minimal input from you.

1 Cinderella’s glass slipper: a perfect painting idea

 You’ll need: paper, paint, glitter, sequins and/or sticky gems

  1. Draw a simple outline of a glass slipper on the piece of paper.
  2. Give your children paints, sequins, glitter and/or sticky gems to fill the glass slipper with.

Toddler tip! Let them fill the page without worrying about the lines and then snip out the slipper shape when they’re done. If they’re painting, just choose two complimentary colours to stop it turning into a brown mess!

2 Giant’s footsteps: learning about big and small

 You’ll need: coloured paper, scissors

  1. Draw a giant’s footprint on the paper and cut it out.
  2. Now give your child the footprint so they can find things that are smaller to fit inside the outline.

3 Enchanted rose: turn your home into an enchanted castle

 You’ll need: red tissue paper, a green pipe cleaner, a plastic cup (optional)

  1. Give your child the tissue paper to twist into a rose.
  2. Now they pinch the bottom and wrap the green pipe cleaner around it to make a stalk.
  3. Then they curl the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a coil – it should now stand up.
  4. Finally, stand it beneath an upturned non-breakable cup.
  5. Now they can act out their favourite fairy tale while the rose works its magic over the castle/their house.

4 Fire-breathing dragon: great for roleplay games

 You’ll need: a loo roll, green paint, red or orange tissue paper, scissors, tape, googly eyes, a pen

  1. First, ask your child to paint the cardboard roll green.
  2. While that dries, they snip the tissue paper into strands.
  3. Once the tube’s dry, help them snip into the front of the tube and fold up two nostrils. Repeat with the back and fold up two eyes.
  4. Now they tape the tissue paper into the nostril end of the tube and stick on the googly eyes.
  5. Finally, they hold the dragon up to the mouth and ROAR!

5 Fairy potion: a magical water play idea

 You’ll need: a bowl of water, glitter or sequins, petals or leaves, a twig

Simply let your little elf or fairy fill the bowl with the water, glittery items and nature finds and then stir them up with their wand (stick). Magical!