Frozen 2: Into the Unknown inspired makes!

Magical ideas

Have fun celebrating the release of Frozen 2 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD with these quick and easy crafts, which are perfect for Frozen fans aged 3-plus. With ideas that include painting, a simple Olaf recipe and an Elsa crown, these magical makes are the perfect way to keep children busy and happy at home.

1. Olaf… in the summer! A healthy snack that’s fun to make and eat - anytime!

  1. What you’ll need: A small bowl, Greek yoghurt, white chocolate buttons, black icing pen, chocolate twigs, orange segments

    What to do:

  2. 1. First, your child fills a small bowl with yoghurt.
    2. Then, they use the icing pen and white buttons to make 2 eyes.
    3. Now they add the twigs to make stick arms and orange segments for a big nose!

2. Do you want to build a snowglobe?​

What you’ll need: a clear bottle or jar with a tight-fitting lid, water, glitter, light corn syrup (this slows down the ‘glitter fall’ for that snowglobe effect), stickers

What to do:

1. Fill the bottle or jar ½ full of water.
2. Now, your child tips in a handful of glitter!
3. Screw the lid on tightly and have your child shake the bottle up.
4. Unscrew and top up with corn syrup – leave room for air at the top! Screw the lid back on tightly.
5. Now your kid can decorate the bottle with stickers, or whatever they want!

3. Let it snow! How to paint a snowball scene

What you’ll need: light blue card, white and light blue paint, pompoms

What to do:

1. Your child dips different-sized pompoms in paint to print pale blue and white snowballs onto the card! (Tip: Keep their hands clean by using pegs to hold the pompoms!)

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4. Really royal: make a pipe cleaner crown!

  1. What you’ll need: sparkly pipe cleaners, strong glue, pompoms (optional)

    What to do:

    1. Glue a ring of pipe cleaners together to fit your child’s head. Then, they can twist on more pipe cleaners to decorate their crown. Why not add pompoms, too?

5. FREEZE! Play a musical Frozen game!

What you’ll need: Frozen playlist

What to do:

1. Play Frozen songs and challenge your child to dance like Elsa, Anna or Olaf.
2. When you stop the music, they have to freeze!

Disney Elsa doll: demonstrates how to play FREEZE!