We love our kids too much to put into words. We also love it when they go to bed.

These ideas from our 5 Minute Mums will guarantee a prompt lights out, so you can get on with your evening.

1 Wild rumpus We do a thing called the wild rumpus after reading Where The Wild Things Are. We basically do a silly march going “dum dum dum dum,” until we march to her room and bed. Lisa and Mark, mum & dad to Chloe (3) and Charlie (1)

2 Hide & Sleep My mum taught me this one. We hide PJs, toothbrush, milk in places en route to the bedroom. Works every time! Ruth, mum to Matthew (4) and Fred (2)

3 Moon salutation I’m a yoga teacher so we get her into her PJs and do some simple stretches and bends before bed. I came in her room the other day and found her sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed, meditating! Lauren, mum to Rosie (3)

4 Bedtime story Unfortunately, with my two, if any sort of game gets initiated before bed then the chance of settling them goes out the window. So it’s a couple of stories, cuddles then bed. We stock up at the library each week. Sophie, mum to Savannah (4) and Dakota (18 months).

5 Grandma Time We live a long way from Grandma so she joins us for a 10 minute Facetime call in the bedroom while we’re doing stories. Karen, mum to George (2)

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Article written by Sara Conway