5 fun LEGO ideas

When you and your children are stuck at home, it’s useful to think of new ways to play with old toys – like Lego and other building bricks. Try these 5 challenges today to keep little hands and minds busy.

1) Tallest tower competition: Who will win?

What youll needAs many LEGO bricks as you can handle!

What to do:

1. Simply challenge your child to build the tallest tower they can.
2. More than one child? Whoever builds the tallest tower wins!
3. For extra excitement, have fun crashing them down together afterward! An excellent stress buster. OR, to minimize mess, keep the tower on display forever.

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2) Toothbrush holder: kids can build a colourful pot for their pearly whites!

What youll need: LEGO bricks and mat, toothbrushes

What to do:

1. Ask your child to build a wall around the edge of the base that’s about 8 LEGO bricks high to make a pot.
2. Now they pop their toothbrushes in and leave it by the sink. It will never have been so easy to get your kids to the bathroom for teeth brushing time. And their build is practical and waterproof, too!

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

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3) Word building: Help your child learn phonics with LEGO.

What you’ll need: Paper and glue (or sticky labels), pen, building bricks

What to do:

1. Cut and stick paper (or sticky labels) to the bricks.
2. Then write a letter on each brick. The first letter sounds your child learns in phonics are s, a, t, p, i and n. Then they learn m, d, g, o, c, k and ck.
3. Now challenge your child to use the bricks to build 3 letter words. Depending on how confident they feel, you could get them to copy and sound out a word you’ve written. Give them the part of a word and ask them to find the missing sound (e.g., leave out the a in cat). Or they could sound out and build the whole world.

4) LEGOOn the go: A handy tin of LEGO for when you’re out and about!

What youll needLEGO bricks, small tin, superglue

What to do:

1. Glue a few flat pieces to the inside of the tin lid – these will be a base.
2. Then simply ask your little one to fill the tin with as many blocks that will fit, and pop it in their bag to play with when you’re all out and about. Perfect for cafes, journeys and boring relatives’ houses.

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

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5) Dream big: Challenge your child to make the biggest / smallest / funniest / most magical whatever!

What youll needLEGO, LEGO and more LEGO!

What to do:

1. It’s super easy – simply give a pile of LEGO bricks to your child and challenge them to come up with whatever they can! A monster? Vehicle? Robot? Unicorn? There’s no right or wrong, just fun fun fun!

Photo credit: Craft and photo by Sarah Wills

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So there are a few ideas for your little one to build something a bit different, but as long as they’re having fun – they can build whatever they like. And when it comes to clearing up? Nahhh. They can just play with it all again tomorrow.